Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Defense Contractors

The luxury of long development cycles and associated high costs are long gone. Aggressive improvements in processes, supply chain, human capital strategies, marketing, compliance and speed to market and are now priorities

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  • Embracing challenges as opportunities

    The industry’s status quo is no longer tenable. Profitable mission solutions, compliance with government information management guidelines, proprietary information security, and reshaping organizational strategies all require radical change to optimize business portfolios. Offset requirements, national politics, new sources of competition, complications with partners, and significant differences in US trade law relative to international competitors are adding complexity and making it harder to achieve profitability. This forces not only changes in culture but in technology, in order to compete effectively.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Delivers secure collaboration, through the supply chain to the end user customer


    Automatically declares documents of records and enables the rapid implementation of new compliance mandates and noncompliance infractions


    Protects and secures intellectual property, patents, and other organizationally-defined confidential information


    Delivers accurate and relevant enterprise-wide search, enabling concept-based hybrid searching across multiple platforms, repositories, and environments

    Defense contractors have enormous responsibilities and, typically, comprehensive supply chains that have to be managed for compliance, security, records, and project management. It’s difficult to be able to stay on top of all the minute pieces of information that need to be accessible, trustworthy, and available when you need it. Concept Searching eliminates these challenges, through industry-unique technologies that are installed once, and reused to solve the specific bottlenecks you face. Significantly improving search, content lifecycle management, secure collaboration, and data security, the flexibility of the technologies saves money, time, and valuable human resources.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you concerned with ITAR compliance and worried that  confidential information may be exposed internally, through the supply chain, or partners?


    Do you worry how to control burgeoning costs, reducing overhead, while improving identification and mitigation of project risks?


    Is a lack of a consistent enterprise wide engineering search platform inflating cost, reducing competitiveness and impacting customer service?


    Security and safety are the most critical deliverables that remain far after the project is completed. Can you guarantee to your clients you can meet those requirements?
    Key Features

    Key Features

    Concept Searching provides a platform to enable effective engineering search on an enterprise scale through its automatic compound term metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management tool set. The technology framework still remains unique in the industry with its ability to leverage unstructured and semi-structured data to achieve business advantages.

    Technology Benefits 
    • Eliminates manual tagging unless specifically authorized
    • Increases information transparency and provides a single view of content aggregated from diverse platforms, repositories, and environments
    • Provides workflow capabilities eliminating or facilitating manual processes
    • Enables secure collaboration and improves project management throughout the partner or supply chain
    • Identifies confidential data from diverse repositories, email and fax servers, scanned documents and aggregates them into a central repository for review and compliance assurance
    • Easily installed, rapidly deployed, minimal learning curve, managed by Subject Matter Experts
    • Enables concept based engineering search regardless of search engine or content repositories
    • Provides greater transparency, simplification and acceleration of processes
    • Automatically and in real-time identifies ITAR, Intellectual Property, patent, privacy, or safety breaches
    • Increases accessibility and transparency of content under management
    • Identifies noncompliance infractions and enables the rapid implementation of new compliance requirements
    • Enables secure collaboration internally and externally, improves communication, and project and program management
    • Reduces IT complexity and lowers costs while continuing to drive innovation
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Eliminating inconsistent tagging, one set of technologies can dramatically improve engineering search, automatically declare documents of record, provide secure collaboration, identify inconsistencies in project management, capture ITAR noncompliance infractions, Improve customer service,  provide intelligent migration capabilities, minimize the potential of security breaches, facilitate data cleansing and accurately pinpoint the data set for text analytics.

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