Data Privacy in the Cloud – Emotional or Factual?

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Data Privacy in the Cloud – Emotional or Factual?

I read an interesting article, ‘Cloud Concerns: Survey Reveals Some Counter-Intuitive Results‘, based on a survey by Saugatuck’s 2013 Cloud Survey. What was rather a twist, it included global responses as well as responses from companies ranging from small to large, which revealed a difference in concerns – which would seem logical.

Data Security and Privacy ranked number one across the board. Saugatuck attributes this to an ’emotional response rather than being rooted in reality’. I’m not sure that I agree with that. I believe that many cloud vendors have a great deal of security to protect client’s data, however, what we have found is the concern is rooted at the most basic level – regarding the potential exposures of discrete pieces of information. Our clients seem to view this as a bigger concern in the cloud but should be treated as big a concern in an on-premise environment. Focusing solely on unstructured content and semi-structured content the risk of a data privacy exposure is growing rapidly considering the ingestion of diverse information (potentially harmful) from email, social applications, collaboration, Twitter, even faxes and scanned content. The impact of a data privacy exposure can be costly and in some cases, degrades the corporate brand and consumer trust.

The report is summarized in the graph below. I only covered one aspect. Overall I found it very interesting and informative. I recommend a read.

Saugatuk Technology Cloud Concern Survey 2013

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