Now Where Is That Privacy and Sensitive Information Hiding?

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Data Privacy and Sensitive Information - Concept Searching

Now Where Is That Privacy and Sensitive Information Hiding?

Hmmn, cybersecurity and those rogue cybercriminals. Who’s in charge of keeping the fortress locked down at your organization? The average cost of a breach is in the millions – close to $5 million.

But businesses also lose money from downtime, typically costing $50,000 to $100,000 per hour. It’s not a matter of if an organization will have a cybersecurity breach, it’s a matter of when.

Concept Searching technology proactively identifies and protects data privacy and organizationally-defined sensitive information from within data and content. This approach effectively prevents a breach from ever occurring when running in real time. It identifies the vulnerability, removes it from search, places the content in a secure repository, prevents download, and notifies the appropriate staff of the breach for resolution.

This solves the problem of securing all your privacy data for compliance, as well as identifying sensitive information that is unique to your organization. Visit us at Ignite at Booth 212 to understand how it works.

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