With the Term Store functionality in SharePoint, organizations can develop a metadata model using out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities. The conceptTermStoreLoader provides native integration with the term store and the Managed Metadata Service application, where changes in the term store will be automatically available in the taxonomy component, and any changes in the taxonomy component will be immediately available in the term store.

A compelling advantage is the ability to consistently apply semantic metadata to content and auto-classify it to the Term Store metadata model. This solves the challenges of applying the metadata to a large corpus of documents and eliminates the need for the end user community to correctly tag content. Organizations can test, validate, and manage the taxonomies then, using the conceptTermStoreLoader, can populate the Term Set with highly accurate classification metadata.

Key Features

The conceptTermSetLoader can be used to publish a taxonomy structure to the SharePoint 2013 Term Store.

  • It reads the taxonomy definition from an XML file
  • All SharePoint Term Store facilities are supported, including:
    • Term reuse
    • Alternate labels
    • Custom properties
  • If the destination Term Set already exists then it will be updated on an incremental basis preserving all existing term GUIDs


  • The conceptTermStoreLoader enables the ability to populate the Term Set with the automatically generated classification metadata and taxonomy model, eliminating manual manipulation of the Term Set, and eliminates end user tagging
  • Using the conceptTermStoreLoader, the organization has the ability to manage, test, and validate taxonomies based on the classification metadata and populate the changes to the Term Set
  • Clients can take advantage of the automatic metadata generation and classification capabilities to increase the accuracy and usability of the Term Sets as it applies to search, records management, data privacy, migration, content management, eDiscovery and FOIA, litigation support and any application that requires the use of metadata


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