Solve Information search and retrieval issues by deploying a true conceptual search platform and find exactly what you are looking for, first time, all the time.

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conceptSearch is a unique, scalable, language-independent search platform that indexes every meaningful multi-word pattern.

Requiring minimal customization, conceptSearch can be deployed either standalone or combined with the conceptClassifier platform, integrated as an optional component.

conceptSearch is delivered as an out-of–the-box application, with a simple search interface and indexing facilities for internal content, websites, file systems, content repositories and XML documents. Application developers experience a minimal learning curve and organizations achieve a rapid return on investment.

Concept Searching


Do you need a scalable, high performance, and accurate search engine?


Have you ever calculated the hard and soft dollars you are spending on poor search results?


Do you need better search to underpin e-Discovery, FOIA, Intelligence or paid for research applications?


Would you see the benefit in concept based searching, and navigational aids to assist users?


Is hybrid search across cloud and on-premises important to you?
Key Features

Key Features

The conceptClassifier platform provides the technology for organizations who want to implement automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, in a non-SharePoint environment. It can be used in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment.

Core Technology White Paper 
  • Compound terms extracted at index time deliver the most accurate and relevant search results
  • Relevance ranking displays extracts from the documents based on the query
  • Highly correlated suggested concepts used to further refine the search are automatically surfaced to the user
  • Dynamic Summarization, a modified weighting system, will identify real time short extracts that are most relevant to the user’s query.
  • Presents a single integrated view of content regardless of where it resides.
  • Automatically identifies the contextual and conceptual meaning of word strings in unstructured content
  • Supports navigational, location, and discovery search (typically not used in semantic search)
  • Eliminates end user tagging and provides vocabulary normalization and disambiguation of words
  • Single view of content regardless of where it resides
  • Entity extraction, relevance ranking, similar results, dynamic summarization, dynamic clustering, text preview, related topics by taxonomy node
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

conceptSearch is a statistical language independent scalable technology that can accept queries in natural language with the user typing words, phrases or whole sentences. The system analyzes the query to extract the keywords and phrases to identify the main concepts and retrieve content that is highly relevant.

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Concept Searching