conceptClassifier Platform Sets the Trend in 2018

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conceptClassifier Platform Sets the Trend in 2018

KMWorld has recognized the Concept Searching conceptClassifier platform release 5.4.5 as a Trend-Setting Product of 2018. The selection process evaluates products that have incorporated new capabilities or technology breakthroughs.

Highlights of release 5.4.5 of the conceptClassifier platform include content management interoperability services (CMIS) support, new features to natural language processing (NLP), and redaction capabilities.

CMIS introduces the ability to crawl and classify content stored in any content management or document management system. Leveraging these content assets increases business agility, removes access barriers to isolated content silos, and reduces the cost of application development.

Additional NLP functionality was added in this release. Using NLP, the conceptClassifier platform will generically identify people, locations, and company names within document text.

Redaction capabilities were incorporated into the conceptTaxonomyWorkflow component, enabling automated removal of sensitive content, identified by entity extraction, regular expressions, and custom entities specific to business needs.

Concept Searching has led the marketplace since its inception, with its unique multi-term semantic metadata generationauto-classification, and taxonomy management technologies. It offers a technology framework with the flexibility to capture, classify, and leverage metadata, to address the issues of privacy and sensitive information exposures, noncompliancerecords, and governance.

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