conceptClassifier for Salesforce

conceptClassifier for Salesforce removes the traditional bottlenecks from search, and enables  increased access to relevant content, at the time of need.

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conceptClassifier for Salesforce

Salesforce is a robust but somewhat complicated solution that addresses a wide range of business initiatives, including sales, service, and marketing. Sales and service end users often need answers on demand, necessitating the ability to find the information they need, when they need it.

Not only do they need to retrieve accurate information easily to maintain productivity, they also require access to information in response to interactive conversations with clients or prospects. To accomplish this, they need a search engine that does not require in-depth training sessions on how to use search, or end users to become experts in the use of Boolean expressions to minimize the abundance of content encountered in the retrieval results.

Concept Searching

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Would finding the information end users need to accomplish their tasks, without the need for Boolean expressions or multiple search iterations, improve productivity?

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Would customer support be improved, if end users could find the answers to all their questions, the first time?

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Would the ability to consistently retrieve relevant results in search be of value?
Key Features

Key Features

conceptClassifier for Salesforce removes the traditional bottlenecks from search, and enables  increased access to relevant content, at the time of need. Using keywords, subjects, entities, or concepts, information retrieval becomes second nature to users, without the need for repetitive training or poor query attempts.

  • Automatic generation of multi-term, semantic metadata, to identify concepts, phrases, and topics
  • Automatic classification of content
  • Entity extraction
  • No end user training required
  • Boolean operators not required for advanced search
  • Open architecture, with APIs based on XML and web services
  • Proactive identification of security compromises as they occur, including data privacy and sensitive information instances
  • Improves productivity by reducing the amount of time spent searching
  • Improves customer support through the ability to answer questions on-demand
  • Improves search with the generation of semantic metadata and the classification of content, reducing costs and enhancing decision making
  • Reduces corporate risk through the prevention of unknown data compromises
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

From an organizational perspective, the loss of productive time for training and onboarding is eliminated. The flexibility of conceptClassifier for Salesforce means it can be used to proactively identify data privacy and sensitive information, enabling authorized personnel to remove items from search, and place them in secure repositories, prohibiting download. This functionality encompasses all content, including Exchange and third-party software. Users are more productive and are able to find what they are looking for, the first time, every time.

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