conceptClassifier for OpenText Content Suite

Content management systems still consist of fragmented silos of standalone content. If you can’t provide a single version of the truth, you’ve lost the battle. Our clients can.

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conceptClassifier for OpenText Content Suite

conceptClassifier for OpenText ContentSuite augments OpenText core capabilities, enabling a holistic view of knowledge assets, improving search, eDiscovery, litigation support, records management, security, and migration. In addition, it performs redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) analysis and remediation, thereby mitigating organizational risk.

Achieved through the provision of semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy support, manual metadata tagging is eliminated, allowing knowledge workers to access and find content regardless of where it resides, internally or externally, increasing productivity. External records can be automatically identified, tagged, and moved to the content server for preservation and disposition. Sensitive and confidential information can be quarantined in real time. Legacy content can be tagged for defensible deletion, and content being collaborated on can also be tagged and automatically moved to SharePoint or another collaboration platform.

Concept Searching


Simplifying end user tasks and automating processes increases productivity and accuracy. Would your organization like to achieve these things?


Would the ability to utilize concept-based search for enterprise search, eDiscovery, text analytics, and litigation support be of value to your users?


If records management, information governance, and compliance could all be significantly improved and automated, requiring fewer staff and reducing errors, would the resulting savings and accuracy be worth pursuing?


Improved decision making, increased productivity, and time savings can be achieved from automatic generation of accurate and meaningful metadata. Would these benefits be viewed as competitive advantages?
Key Features

Key Features

Feature rich, conceptClassifier for OpenText ContentSuite augments ContentSuite functionality by adding granularity and eliminating end users from tasks that are typically unproductive and error prone. Metadata is automatically generated as content is created or ingested, developing an enterprise metadata repository that contains rich, multi-word terms that can be used by ContentSuite or any application that requires metadata. Rapidly deployed and easily maintained, conceptClassifier for OpenText ContentSuite is based on XML and web services.

  • Ability to take action on content and move it into or out of ContentSuite
  • Utilizes taxonomy as a navigational aid, to locate relevant content that may or may not have been retrieved
  • Auto-classifies unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data
  • Classification is based on concepts found within content, not statistical sampling
  • Easy-to-use taxonomy tools designed for subject matter experts, not the IT team or records managers
  • Metadata is not pre-populated based on rules, it is automatically generated based on content in context
  • Ability to modify taxonomies and subsequent classification, through multi-term metadata prompts from the content itself, using technology unique to Concept Searching
  • Enables concept-based searching
  • Auto-clue suggestion for taxonomy refinement and accuracy, improving any application that requires the use of metadata
  • Open architecture with all APIs based on XML and web services
  • Eliminates business risk, legal risk, and costs associated with low productivity in the semi-manual classification of records and content
  • Delivers sustainable records management and maintains one source of the truth, from capture to disposition
  • Interactive verification of classifications with visual refiners on how and where the metadata is used, resulting in time savings and improved accuracy
  • Ability to classify content from diverse repositories and applications improving decision making
  • Reduces organizational risk through the real-time, proactive identification of security vulnerabilities, eliminating data breaches
  • Performs intelligent migration and content optimization to remove content of no value, eliminates ROT, reduces on-premises servers, and improves search
  • Reduces time, risk, and costs associated with eDiscovery, noncompliance, and records management
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

conceptClassifier for OpenText ContentSuite provides the underlying framework to connect, categorize, and analyze information to improve organizational performance. It enables enterprises to manage their content and maximize their information capital, to deliver quality business results.

Integrated with OpenText ContentSuite, it delivers automatic, intelligent metadata generation, automated classification, and taxonomy management. Its flexibility addresses business process failures in search, records management, information security, migration, text analytics, and secure collaboration.

In contrast to the traditional content management approach, this intelligent metadata enabled solution is rapidly deployed, user-friendly, and uses unique technology.

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