conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business

Delivering true content management, protecting knowledge assets, eliminating noncompliance, and finding intelligent content in context, all the time.

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conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business lets end users store and sync content, and share content across the organization, but it doesn’t have the ability to protect or leverage content at a granular level, to achieve quantifiable improvements in content management. conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business fills the gaps in compliance, data loss prevention (DLP), retention, eDiscovery, and alerts.

  • conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business has three main components – metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. Content, regardless of source, can be indexed and classified with multi-term metadata. The resulting term sets provide a rich set of tools for managing content and the automatic application and enforcement of policies.

    A taxonomy is the basis for any policy, process, or application that requires metadata. conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business enables content to be managed at a granular level through concept identification and auto-classification, to be used to solve business issues in security and records management, and to enable concept-based searching.

    Concept Searching


    Are you worried about security breaches in the cloud?


    Is it a concern that business users are loading personal programs and content in the cloud, and your organization would be held legally responsible?

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    DLP is reactive not proactive. There is no ability to search on concepts or multi-word terms, nor a real-time ability to identify content assets that should be secured, unless they are defined in DLP. Is this a concern?


    Are you confident records have been declared and processed correctly?

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    Despite the automation, do you have the staff to manage OneDrive for Business, to address both IT and business issues?

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    In addition to Microsoft’s eDiscovery, would the ability to identify concepts and related content from any repository be of value to your legal team?
    Key Features

    Key Features

    conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business addresses gaps in functionality, to maintain a secure, compliant, and managed environment for structured and semi-structured content. It provides an inclusive approach to manage enterprise-wide policies and identify inefficiencies in processes. The product is easy-to-use, deploy, and manage. Designed for subject-matter experts, business professionals, or IT administrators.

    • Eliminates end user tagging and generates multi-term metadata
    • Scans for sensitive or organizationally defined confidential or secure information, in real time
    • Improves enterprise search and eDiscovery, by retrieving content based on concepts
    • Identification, reporting, and notification of document movement outside domains, for content sharing
    • Granular administration and control of content assets
    • Addresses shadow IT and OneDrive for Business issues, due to end users adding unapproved programs and content
    • Ability to flag content that is no longer of value
    • Provides a global templating solution for large user populations
    • Provides a cloud-based repository for end user content
    • Automatically generates metadata, eliminating end user tagging
    • Fills gaps in enterprise content management, through taxonomy management tools and workflow processes
    • Enforces security rights, optionally changes content types and attributes, and invokes SharePoint information rights management
    • Identifies for removal unapproved applications and content, reducing risk and financial and legal liability associated with that content
    • Identifies any unsecured, confidential content that should be secured, and limits access to  protect content assets and reducing risk
    • Automates the scanning, identification, notification, and reporting of documents being shared internally or externally, preventing  security violations
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    OneDrive for Business is a major milestone for organizations, offering the ability to store, share, and sync content. conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business addresses and solves the resultant challenges of noncompliance, including auditing, data loss prevention (DLP), retention, eDiscovery, and alerts.

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