conceptClassifier for Exchange

Emails and attachments can contain content with the potential to cause security breaches or noncompliance, and escalate the costs of eDiscovery. Cleaning up Exchange isn’t about organizing. It’s about reducing risk and protecting organizations.

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conceptClassifier for Exchange

conceptClassifier for Exchange protects the organization not only from internal and external security breaches but also from repercussions due to noncompliance, derailing of information governance initiatives, and the escalating costs of eDiscovery. Data breaches and poor decision making can be averted.

Concept Searching


Would knowing your emails and attachments that contain sensitive or confidential information are secure give you peace of mind?


Would making emails and attachments available in search, to authorized users, be a productivity tool for project management, collaboration, and expert identification?


Would a reduction in costs and risks using concept based searching for eDiscovery, litigation support, and records compliance be of value to you?


Would the ability to identify, at a granular level, the content within emails help improve your defensible deletion policy?


Are you confident that records that should have been declared, archived, or deleted, aren’t available to the public?
Key Features

Key Features

conceptClassifier for Exchange automatically indexes email content and attachments, generating multi-term metadata using Concept Searching’s unique compound term processing technology. Optionally, using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, workflows can be easily implemented and used to identify the presence of confidential or sensitive information, or compliance and governance violations. eDiscovery and litigation support costs are reduced, and accuracy improved by the ability to find phrases, subjects, and multi-word terms. If an exact search string can’t be found, similar concepts are retrieved, as well as the taxonomy hierarchy being used as a navigational aid, to prompt users for search terms not used but applicable.

  • Indexes both current and archived mailboxes
  • Indexes the subjects and concepts in the note and attachments
  • Easy-to-use workflow processes
  • Proactively identifies vulnerabilities and data breaches before they occur, not after the fact
  • Secures and prohibits download capabilities
  • Supports the identification of concepts, subjects, and multi-word terms for text mining and analytics, search, exposures of confidential information, and eDiscovery and litigation support
  • Reduces risk and costs through the proactive prevention of data vulnerabilities and non-approved instances of confidential or sensitive information
  • Identifies confidential or sensitive information to improve compliance, information governance, and security, reducing risk
  • Eliminates duplication of efforts by including pertinent information, improving project management
  • Ensures all relevant and timely information is available, to improve decision making
  • Reduces the time and costs associated with eDiscovery and litigation support
  • Leverages intellectual capital, by capturing conversation strings in emails
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

conceptClassifier for Exchange enables the auto-classification of content in mailboxes and attachments, helping organizations to secure confidential information, reduce costs of eDiscovery, and identify compliance exceptions. Applications such as project management, and expert identification can be improved, and information can be made available for text analytics, mining, or artificial intelligence. All functionality is available in a single technology framework, easily installed and rapidly implemented, delivering a powerful return on investment, achieved in weeks not months.

Concept Searching