Concept Searching Announces Availability of conceptClassifier for Files Shares

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Concept Searching Announces Availability of conceptClassifier for Files Shares

Concept Searching has made its conceptClassifier for File Shares utility available to clients.

conceptClassifier for File Shares cleans up, optimizes, and organizes file share content, automatically tagging and classifying documents to a term set, improving search and eDiscovery, and preparing content for migration. It makes file shares discoverable, searchable, optimized and organized.

This new Concept Searching utility is deployed in conjunction with either the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform or the conceptClassifier for Office 365 platform.

Using Concept Searching’s intelligent migration, or a third-party migration tool content, content is automatically migrated to SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online. The result is the deployment of an enterprise metadata repository and concept-based searching.

conceptClassifier for Files Shares delivers several enterprise benefits:

  • Automatically generates multi-term metadata, auto-classifies and manipulates it, eliminating many manual and time-consuming tasks.
  • Enables content to be optimized, organized, tested, and validated before, not after, migration, which reduces time, resources, and costs associated with a typical migration process.
  • Classification of file share content is automatic, and duplicate documents are identified.
  • Classifications can be written directly into document properties, without affecting documents’ modified dates.
  • SharePoint formats are respected, to ensure automatic population of managed metadata properties following migration.
  • Privacy or confidential information is identified and pushed to a quarantine location for auto-classification, eliminating content security vulnerabilities.
  • Risk is reduced, with searchable, findable, and organized content.
  • Accuracy of metadata is increased, by eliminating end user tagging, improving productivity, and enabling concept-based searching.

A webcast is available, providing in-depth information and a demonstration of the utility

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