Concept Searching Partners with Smartronix

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Concept Searching Partners with Smartronix

Combining Technology and Mission-critical Technical Expertise with Market Leading Software to Solve Information Management Issues for Government and the Commercial Sector

Concept Searching has entered into a partnership agreement with Smartronix, a global leader in delivering innovative, secure, and agile technology solutions.

This arrangement brings together Concept Searching’s expertise in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, and Smartronix experience in the design and implementation of enterprise-class solutions for the public sector, specializing in Federal and the DoD. The partnership also builds on an already successful joint implementation for a federal regulatory body.

Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier for SharePoint is a key technology component as it can be deployed in any version of SharePoint. “With several of our largest clients deploying SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 it was important for us to have a technology platform that seamlessly integrated with the investments our customers have already made,” stated Gaurav Pal, Director of Strategic Programs at Smartronix. “The technology needed to scale to support the large datasets and websites that Smartronix currently manages. It also needed to be ‘cloud ready’ and run in Amazon Web Services (AWS).” Smartronix and Concept Searching currently have two pilot customers running SharePoint and conceptClassifier on AWS.

Concept Searching’s intelligent metadata solutions are ideal for improving search, records management, and text analytics. Many of Smartronix’ customers, especially those in highly regulated and compliance driven markets, have vast amounts of data. Traditional full text search and indexing technologies are great at finding data where the search terms are already defined. However, experience has shown that users request data in terms of concepts and often miss highly relevant and related data when they specify only keywords. Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier product enables Smartronix to include automatic semantic metadata tagging, auto-classification, and taxonomy management technologies in its solutions. When deployed in parallel with enterprise search solutions, the end user gets a more complete and accurate search experience with higher relevancy results.

To read the press release, click here.

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