Concept Searching Partners with Discovery Machine

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Concept Searching Partners with Discovery Machine

Combining Technology and Technical Expertise with Market Leading Software to Solve Information Management Issues for Government and the Commercial Sector

Concept Seaching has entered into a partnership agreement with Discovery Machine, Inc., developer of knowledge capture and deployment technologies for subject matter expertise automation.

This arrangement brings together Concept Searching’s expertise in metadata generation, search, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, and combines it with Discovery Machine’s proven methodology for capturing subject matter expertise. Discovery Machine has leveraged its success with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR), and Boeing to develop a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions.

Anna Griffith, CEO at Discovery Machine, said, “Discovery Machine focuses on capturing expert knowledge and deploying it. Our technology excels at interpreting information and inferring using expert tactics. By entering a partnership with Concept Searching, Discovery Machine can search company documentation and other data sets using their advanced search technologies for products such as Microsoft SharePoint. This will extend our ability to make expert decisions, while facilitating more streamlined access to pertinent information for our end users.”

To read the press release, click here.

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