Concept Searching Grows 2013 First Half Revenues by 40% Over the Same Period in 2012

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Concept Searching Grows 2013 First Half Revenues by 40% Over the Same Period in 2012

Concept Searching awarded major contracts in oil and gas, professional services, manufacturing, financial research, healthcare, mining, and defense. 

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that the company has achieved revenue growth of 40% for the first half of fiscal 2013, compared to the same period in 2012.

The growth rate can be attributed to the selection and deployment of the award winning conceptClassifier for SharePoint. Clients are increasingly seeking solutions that are tightly integrated with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and also provide the flexibility for deployment in an on-premise, cloud based, or a hybrid environment.

Although improving search has been the traditional organizational priority, Concept Searching has seen a definitive shift in the market, where organizations are now evaluating technologies based on the ability to improve multiple business process weaknesses in migration, compliance, and information security, as well as augmenting traditional search solutions. Since conceptClassifier for SharePoint is deployed as an enterprise infrastructure component, clients can leverage their investments and reduce the number of application specific solutions, resources, and time required to improve business processes, delivering a quantifiable ROI. Migration and information security are now of equal importance to improving search. The advantage of conceptClassifier for SharePoint is that it solves these challenges with one set of technologies.

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