Concept Searching File Analytics Solution Identified by Forrester

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Concept Searching File Analytics Solution Identified by Forrester

Understanding what to look for when choosing a file analytics vendor can be challenging. Concept Searching has been recognized as a key vendor in a recent report by Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms.

The report ‘Technology Can Do the Heavy Lifting When Unmanaged Documents Need to Be Cleaned Up, Migrated, and Mined for Insights’ examines how content is moving to the cloud, the significance of privacy regulations, and the impact of legacy file shares and content-heavy applications.

Concept Searching’s unique text analytics and mining technology delivers a complete solution for optimizing and managing content.  Its concept-based searching solution is ideal for organizations with analysts and knowledge workers, who need to capture live information to address issues and develop opportunities, and are not technically oriented.

Real-life knowledge discovery scenarios, and the significant return on investment achieved, can be heard in the expert webinar recording ‘What You Don’t Know May Hurt You – Achieving Insight and Knowledge Discovery.’

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