Concept Searching Agave Applications Coming in Fall of 2012

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Concept Searching Agave Applications Coming in Fall of 2012

Concept Searching has announced that the web extensions (Microsoft code name agave) will be developed and available for Office 15 using Concept Searching’s core technologies.    Agaves are content aware web applications built with HTML and JavaScript that can extend both desktop and web Office applications.  An Agave can appear in several forms: as a task pane (or sidebar), a block within your content, or as a popup that appears when its button is clicked. Microsoft is encouraging Partners to write these web extensions to integrate into their upcoming Office suite. These will then be made available in the new Office 15 Marketplace. Consumers and business users will be able to discover and buy/download Agaves from this marketplace.

Inclusion of ‘Agave’ web extensions into Office 15 or MS Office 2012 will allow for deeper web integration and also help create an eco-system around upcoming Office 15. Developers will be able to build third-party ‘Agave’ extensions using technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and REST in order to create such web extensions.

The expected completion date for the Concept Searching agave extensions is fall of 2012.

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