Successful Integration and Compliance for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Successful Integration and Compliance for Mergers and Acquisitions

If you have gone through a merger or acquisition, you know how hard it is to integrate very different environments. Part of the problem is time.

Often, not enough time has been allocated to determine the most efficient methods to get processes right first time, to eliminate the need to go back and fix both old and new challenges. We have a telecommunications client that recently went through a merger and acquisition.

What were their specific challenges? They were not that different from the challenges any organization has when needing to solve the following problems, not necessarily because of a merger.

  • Consolidation of unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Onboarding of personnel
  • Real-time support for business tools and business processes
  • Speed to market

The client chose the conceptClassifier platform along with conceptClassifier for SharePoint application. Not only did it feel the solutions could meet its objectives, but implementation was rapid and easy.

Using this technology framework, a multitude of challenges were able to be addressed. conceptTaxonomyManager, part of the core technology, was used to migrate unstructured and semi-structured data to one system.

Before content was moved, metadata tags representing a concept or phrase were automatically generated, and classified to one or more taxonomies. Administrators and subject-matter experts were able to refine the classifications, if needed, and could make additions, changes, or deletions before the actual movement of documents.

The flexible auto-classification enabled vocabularies from both organizations to be normalized. This vocabulary mismatch is a potential problem for many techniques used to deal with information retrieval and natural language processing, which implicitly assume the use of a single common vocabulary.

Vocabulary normalization aims to bring the vocabulary of the source in line with that of other artifacts. Geographies needed to be aligned with products and services, and achieving this speedily meant effective onboarding of personnel.

Constant vigilance in regulatory compliance had to be maintained, since the organizations resided in multiple states and represented the telecommunications industry. Although compliance requirements overlapped, they were not identical.

Using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, an optional component, business professionals and subject-matter experts from both organizations were able to write workflow rules to process content according to regulatory mandates and compliance. These seemingly simple workflows are quite powerful and can be deployed and tested in literally minutes. A far cry from dealing with multiple applications, IT staff, and lengthy turnarounds.

All in all, the client was able to achieve reduced time to market, successfully merge organizations, and ensure compliance.

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