Collaboration and Reuse of Information in Big Four

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Collaboration and Reuse of Information in Big Four

Solution Achieves Increased Task Productivity and Security:

Providing real-time, immediate access to relevant information is vital to this Big Four global tax and audit firm.

It recognized corporate memory was unused, information wasn’t necessarily shared, and the expertise of fellow professionals for collaboration was minimal at best.

The importance of tagging content with appropriate metadata and classifying that content aligned with business goals is paramount, especially when search needs to be accurate and effective.

The conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform aligned programs and knowledge assets, fostering the reuse of high-value content.

Experts can now be found and engaged to securely collaborate, increasing speed to market, customer satisfaction, and knowledge retention.

The major factor in the decision to implement the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform was that it natively integrates with the SharePoint Term Store, managed metadata properties, the Microsoft Search engine, and Office 365.

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