Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

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Collaboration - Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

When considering the continuum of collaboration vehicles and performance outcomes in an organization, it’s important to look before you run.

The ultimate goal is Innovation Management, but few companies ever reach that pinnacle of success.


At a basic level, an organization should be using a Taxonomy to manage content within the business. As part of that phase, Concept Search with an enterprise metadata repository delivers improved results.

Without effective search, innovation management cannot be achieved. In fact, none of the subsequent phases can be completed. Collaboration and Expert Identification become the logical progression, once search has become more effective.

The Productivity phase is when the activity is transformed into not only a group endeavor but as an individual endeavor. Once the previous phases have been mastered, individuals can work at their own pace, and understand the corporate resources available to achieve a higher level of personal performance.

In the final phase, Innovation Management can be achieved when all previous phases have been assimilated into day-to-day activities.

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