Collaboration – a Hot New Application? You’ve got to be Kidding Me!

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Collaboration – a Hot New Application? You’ve got to be Kidding Me!

There seems to be much more information regarding ‘collaboration’ as a hot topic. Perhaps because of the big push for Office 365? I really don’t know. I was wondering why collaboration is even a discussion item. Many of us are information hoarders, plain and simple. By telling me I must collaborate within corporate boundaries doesn’t really illustrate any value to me. What is rather strange, is that it is being marketed as an application so to speak. When did conversation or the written word become an application?

Collaboration, or lack thereof, can be attributed to the culture of the organization. Many corporate cultures haven’t really encouraged collaboration among colleagues and peers. More aptly, executive management hasn’t seen the value. But with many professionals working from home or mobile, collaboration does fill a gap in organizational communication. Some good, some not so good.

I think one of the biggest reasons that collaboration is not necessarily being embraced is due to a lack of time. I can’t speak for everyone but my workload is pretty demanding and although I will reach out to a colleague, spending time collaborating is honestly not my idea of a good time. For some, it is. Collaboration, without guidelines can revert to gossip, other subjects being addressed (that usually have nothing to do with me), and plain old company bashing.

The final reason I think collaboration is now a hot topic, is the big Microsoft push with Yammer and social. Are we being brainwashed on the value and importance of interacting socially in the business arena? Do we actually produce more accurate, timely information? Does it enable us to accomplish our responsibilities more effectively? What do you think??

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