Cloud Computing – Millennials versus Boomers

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Cloud Computing – Millennials versus Boomers

A survey commissioned by Citrix, and conducted by Wakefield Research, has illustrated that adult Americans for the most part have no idea what Cloud Computing is. Most respondents believe the cloud is related to weather, while some referred to pillows, drugs and toilet paper.

The survey, conducted in August 2012 consisted of more than 1,000 American adults. Despite the fact that the cloud is widely used, it is still misunderstood. For example, 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. Nearly one-third see the cloud as a thing of the future, yet 97 percent are actually using cloud services today via online shopping, banking, social networking and file sharing. Despite this confusion, three in five—59 percent—said they believe the “workplace of the future” will exist entirely in the cloud.

According to the author, the survey showed there is a significant disconnect between what Americans know, what they pretend to know, and what they actually do know when it comes to cloud computing. No kidding!

Some of the key highlights include:

  • 22% said they don’t know what the cloud is or how it works
  • 33% of the respondents fake an understanding of the cloud in the office and 14% during an interview
  • Millennials are more likely to pretend to know what the cloud is and how it works
  • 29% responded that the cloud has to do with weather, while other responses included (verbatim) toilet paper, pillow, smoke, outer space, cyber-space, mysterious network, unreliable, security, sadness, relaxed, overused, oh goody a hacker’s dream, storage, movies, money, memory, backup, joy, innovation, drugs, heaven and a place to meet

Despite the advantages of cloud computing, Americans still have reasons why they limit their use of cloud computing or avoid it entirely. Among those who hardly ever or never use the cloud, the top three deterrents are cost (34 percent), security concerns (32 percent) and privacy concerns (31 percent). What is interesting, is these are also the primary concerns of enterprises.

I thought this article was fascinating and perhaps unfortunately rather amusing. It seems regardless of the hype about cloud computing, it still isn’t quite mainstream.

At least not yet.

The entire article can be read on and can be accessed here.

Additional information can be found in our white paper Managing Unstructured Content in the Cloud if you are interested. 

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