Public Sector – Client Case Studies

Explore how clients have used our unique technologies to successfully transform the way they do business – to resolve challenges such as search, data protection, records management, migration, content optimization, governance, and collaboration.



Public Sector – Defense and Intelligence


The DCDC is required to provide research to support decisions in operational and strategic military activity. The DCDC needed exhaustive and timely access to all relevant documents in the military archive, but the archive was a classic keyword based system and therefore not intelligently searchable.

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US Government Agency


24/7 Outreach Center

The client needed the technologies to support their 24/7 Outreach Center to provide information and referrals to military service members, veterans, their families, and others with questions about traumatic psychological injuries.

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Regulator of Health and Social Care

Public Sector/Healthcare

Emergency Healthcare Issues

The organization needed a way to rapidly find and identify information from multiple external content sources to ensure quality care and also identify emergency healthcare issues.

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Public Sector – Defense and Intelligence

Research and FOIA

Easy access to millions of records for research purposes was needed. Classification of documents and system scalability were essential.

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Public Sector – Defense and Intelligence/Healthcare

Enterprise Content Management

With a requirement to effectively deal with a significant amount of information, the US Air Force Medical Service no longer wanted to rely on manual, disparate and resource intensive processes.

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Public Sector – Education

Migration and Secure Search

The institute needed an effective way to organize information stored on its intranets to make it accessible to internal and external users, while improving the quality of search results and successfully migrating content to the cloud.

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NASA Safety Center (NSC)

Public Sector – Federal and Civilian

Knowledge Management and Collaboration

The organization wanted to improve collaboration across the 10,000 strong workforce, improving findability, effectiveness and information sharing in a controlled and secure environment.

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UK County Council

UK County Council

Public Sector – State and Local Government

Information Governance

This UK county council wanted to achieve more with less. Its budget, like those of many government organizations, had not increased with inflation. For this county council, almost 60 percent of its 200 terabytes of information was unstructured and mismanaged. Noncompliance and unexpected litigation can expose any organization to fines, sanctions, remediation, and loss of brand value. Although policies and processes were in place, this organization wanted to take a proactive stance on information governance, and address issues relating to records management, eDiscovery, and poor information retrieval.

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