KapStone Kraft Paper Mill

Elimination of end user tagging results in concept based searching

KapStone Kraft Paper Mill

KapStone Paper and Packaging engages in the production, sale, and export of unbleached kraft paper products and corrugated products in the US and internationally. With close to 3,000 employees, the company was looking for a technology that could improve search, due to an absence of metadata being applied to documents. Its issues included the lack of auto-classification capabilities, end user tagging, and the restriction of business users who typically used simple key word searching techniques. The organization reviewed a number of SharePoint solutions and chose the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform for a number of reasons including: proven SharePoint deployments; existing clients using Microsoft Search; a strong client base in the US; a comprehensive integration partner structure; and Concept Searching’s reputation as an industry technology leader and a profitable vendor in business since 2003.

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