Delphi Automotive

Classifying  millions of documents to improve search

Delphi Automotive

Delphi Automotive is a highly diversified company and the leading global supplier of automotive parts. Its objective was to provide business tools to improve the enterprise-wide search and collaboration experience, through the tagging, classification and reduction of discrete pieces of information that business users had to sort through on a daily basis. In support of improving information access for its global internal community, it faced the classification of literally millions of documents, before the business user search experience could be improved.

The company selected Concept Searching’s technology platform to achieve both objectives. The key component was the conceptClassifier platform, the enterprise classification solution built on industry standard open APIs. Via Concept Searching’s classification API and content enrichment service, content could be classified on the fly and injected into the SharePoint search index, delivering a quality end user search experience in a secure, collaborative environment.

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