Care Quality Commission

24/7 news monitoring from multiple external feeds to keep the public aware of health precautions and outbreaks of illness

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission CQC is the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. It selected concept Classifier for SharePoint to improve the monitoring of news feeds relevant to the health of the UK. The ability to classify and cluster these feeds will allow the Commission to identify important issues around health and performance and react promptly when issues arise. Monitoring multiple external news feeds and identifying relevant articles is a major effort for any organization. The Commission required a fast and reliable method that would remove the problems of multiple sources, variants in terminology, the ability to segment by areas or interest and also location in the UK. After evaluating multiple solutions, they selected SharePoint and conceptClassifier for SharePoint to power their news monitoring portal because it was the only solution that addressed all of their requirements.

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