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Applying Records Management to SharePoint 2010

To view the webcast click here.  To view the PowerPoint click here.

SharePoint has rapidly become one of the most important repositories of business information in many organizations today.…

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De-mystifying Content Types Four Key Content Types to Leverage

Learn more about content types, what they can do and how to implement them across your SharePoint environment. Project Performance Corporation (PPC) covered four key content types and Concept Searching discusses automatic tagging and workflow using content types.…

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Managed Metadata Maturity and Methodologies: Enterprise Information Management in SharePoint 2010

Learn from companies who have already launched SharePoint 2010. This session will feature a number of case studies from guest speakers who will share how they leveraged the Term Store and Managed Metadata Services in their SharePoint 2010 implementations.…

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Expert Webinar Series: When and When Not to Use Third Party Tools

Concept Searching, a global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, will be hosting the third Webinar in its 2012 Expert Webinar Series on Tuesday, May 8th at 11:30am – 12:30pm EST, along with Project Performance Corporation, and industry expert Todd Magnusen of OppenheimerFunds.…

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SharePoint Governance: Managing Content Sprawl

Project Performance Corporation (PPC) once again joined Concept Searching for the 4th of our Expert Webinar Series entitled SharePoint Governance: Managing Content Sprawl. The session focused on how to apply a governance strategy against the SharePoint sites and objects, and how best to manage user expectations for leveraging SharePoint within your company.

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Leveraging Taxonomy Term Store for SharePoint: Defining a Multi Taxonomy Structure for Content Management

Project Performance Corporation joined Concept Searching for the 3rd in the series of expert Webinars focused on SharePoint 2010 and the Term Store and reviewed strategies and best practices for designing a taxonomy and metadata schema to work with the Term Store for SharePoint 2010.…

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Designing Taxonomy and Metadata for SharePoint

Project Performance Corporation joined Concept Searching for the first in the series of Expert Webinars focused on SharePoint 2010.  The webinar covered the core principles behind designing a business taxonomy and metadata schema that will provide the foundation for SharePoint information architecture.…

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Designing Information Architecture for SharePoint: Making sense in a world of SharePoint Architecture

Project Performance Corporation’s Rachel Sondag joined Concept Searching in the 2nd in our expert webinar series focused on SharePoint 2010 and the Term Store. Rachel discussed how to implement a taxonomy and metadata schema to begin the functional planning of how users will interact with the various elements set up within a SharePoint environment.

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How important is the SharePoint 2010 Term Store?

The presentation examines the critical role played by the term store and suggests when, and when not, to use third-party tools. Understand the importance of the new Managed Metadata Property and its integration with Microsoft and FAST Search.

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Records Management in SharePoint Combining Governance with Content Types

Imerge’s Certified Records Manager, Charmaine Brookes joined Concept Searching to deliver an informative webinar focused on records management in SharePoint and how Concept Searching’s award winning conceptClassifier for SharePoint can automatically align the records management strategy with SharePoint content types.

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