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Email Liability

Is Your Email a Liability? Yes, More Than Likely

Email is a strange topic. Supposedly, all adopted collaboration options will result in a decreased email glut. But it’s not happening. I don’t know if it’s because we are so used to communicating via email that we just can’t give it up.…

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Strong Web Presence? Are You GDPR Ready?

Do you have a presence on the web? If so, you had better review your liability for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Do you market to EU countries? They – whoever ‘they’ are – have clarified that generic marketing doesn’t count.…

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Text Analytics

Is the Boundary Between Search and Text Analytics Beginning to Blur? Good Luck.

Enterprise search has always been viewed by most as lacking in findability. According to statistics, business users still spend quite a bit of time each day searching for what they can’t find.…

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Content Governance

Content Governance – Can You Really Fix the Problem?

Do you treat your content as data or as information? This may seem like a stupid question, but there are many organizations that do not understand that their content is an asset that has value and needs to be managed the same way as their business applications.…

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What If Someone’s Life Depended on a Portal?

Internal or external self-serve portals are becoming more prevalent. And why not? They are great in helpdesk, customer service, and even sales scenarios. But quite a few are end up being flops.…

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Reduce Risk, Improve Security, Ensure Compliance, and Increase the Protection of Confidential Information

Security has become the greatest inhibitor to cloud adoption, and still looms large as an unaddressed issue. Organizations have invested significant sums to protect their perimeters, but are not deploying mechanisms that can stop a security incident from occurring internally.…

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Concept Searching Announces Availability of conceptClassifier for Files Shares

Concept Searching has made its conceptClassifier for File Shares utility available to clients.

conceptClassifier for File Shares cleans up, optimizes, and organizes file share content, automatically tagging and classifying documents to a term set, improving search and eDiscovery, and preparing content for migration.…

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Integrated global energy company, Repsol, was facing unstructured content management challenges so deployed the conceptClassifier for SharePoint platform to provide the enterprise infrastructure to support information governance initiatives in SharePoint and automate processes and policies, using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow.…

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Vencore deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching is pleased to welcome Vencore Inc., a Government integrator as a client. Vencore will be deploying conceptClasifier for SharePoint to power their internal intranet and projects portal. Vencore, Inc.…

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