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Internet of Things…Blah, Blah, Blah

I am always amazed when I see common sense, as there is certainly a lack of it and not just in business. I don’t really spend a lot of time researching IoT, so I am most certainly not an expert.…

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Is there a cookie cutter approach to hybrid? Nope.

We’ve just completed redeveloping our software as add-ins for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. That’s not what this blog is about though. Add-ins provide organizations doing business in the cloud, and on-premise, that there is some sort of stability or expectedness (if that is even a word) that applications will perform exactly the same regardless of environment.…

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Have You Named Your VPA’s Yet?

Rumor has it that the personal cloud and the digital workplace will, in the very near future, blend together to provide one source of information and applications, all from one tiny device.…

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ROT, Dirty, Dark, Garbage – Is it worth 12% of your revenues?

Creeping into the IT news lately has been the subject of cleaning up data, either archiving or deleting it. Not sure why this is such a hot topic as one would have thought that most organizations were doing this all along.…

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The World’s Oldest Profession – Time for a Revival?

A short digression into a history lesson. Some 1,800 years ago, a man named Aristotle came up with what is now called the ‘world’s oldest profession’, taxonomies. He had the idea of a taxonomy for plants and animals.…

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Worried about Cloud Security Now? Just Wait!

I don’t read much about this subject, and to be honest, was not even aware of the topic, but several articles point to the growing issue of the personal cloud becoming a new expectation of employees that provides easy access, and a usable, easy-to-use interface from any device, either on business hours or not.…

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Collaboration is Great! Says who?

A couple of years back, executives were very strongly against collaboration and business social applications. The tide has turned and they are gung how now. During this same period, end users became stubborn and for the most part refused to participate or engage in these approaches.…

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Metadata: Opening a Can of Worms

Metadata under the new landmark decision by the Australian Privacy Commissioner, can now be considered personal, or privacy data, which means it is protected. The Commissioner determined that personal information whereby an individual may be reasonably ascertained from that information would be considered personal information.…

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Collaboration versus Social – It’s time to redefine the terms

A new report, ‘Microsoft Collaboration Usage‘, written by suggests the most common activity among business people using Microsoft collaboration tools is document sharing, and much of that activity occurs early in the week, on Monday and Tuesday.…

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Collaboration and Business Social – right now, pretty much of a failure. Why?

A couple of years ago, CIO’s were adamant that they did not want collaboration tools. Understandably, collaboration tools do open security issues, loss of control, costs, and management.…

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