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Beloved SharePoint. Where is it going, into the future, or on the way out? What are the hot topics? What about SharePoint Online and hybrid environments and what are the challenges and the solutions?

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Information Transparency

Reuse and Repurpose – What’s that?

I could write blogs until the age of 110 about the impact of poor search. In my humble opinion, search is bad and we all know it. I think the plan is to have our personal assistants find information for us, but more about that in another blog.…

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SharePoint Online

What Do You Think of SharePoint as an Enterprise Content Management Solution?

It is predicted that SharePoint Online and Office 365 will give enterprise content management (ECM) vendors a run for their money, in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Content Management.…

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Engineering Search

Engineering Search – Does it Impact the Bottom Line? You Bet

Our last few blogs talked about our new solution for engineering search. This blog focuses on the business benefits, and makes this solution easy to justify.

I know we call it ‘engineering’ search but it really is applicable to professionals in any area of business where information is needed from a variety of sources, such as healthcare, manufacturing, human resources, or financial services.…

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SharePoint Term Set

SharePoint Term Set Creation and Management – Not that Hard Really

Well, it isn’t hard if you have a tool that can help you do it. There are some taxonomy vendors out there offering solutions that natively integrate with the SharePoint Term Store, all to differing degrees.…

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Cloud Adoption

Agility or Cost Reduction – What Are Your Goals for Cloud Adoption?

In Accenture’s 2015 Enterprise Cloud Report, the top reason organizations are adopting the cloud is to achieve agility.

  1. In its use of the term, the definition would be “the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity”.
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Digital Workplace

The Digital Dark Age – Are You Ready?

The impending digital dark age could soon be upon us. Are you ready? Is your business ready? I cannot even pretend to have the mind of Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet and Google VP, to suggest that technology is moving so fast that in the future no one will be able to access personal or business information, as it will have become obsolete – or unreadable.…

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SharePoint - Office 365

Only 7% of SharePoint Organizations are Happy – Really?

In doing research for our SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market annual survey, I came across an article by AIIM about a recent survey.

The findings were somewhat surprising. It seems that only 7% of SharePoint organizations have met their original goals.…

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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business? It’s a Winner for 67% of SharePoint Organizations

In our SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market survey, we asked the respondents if they were going to replace their file shares, and if so, with what.

Interesting answers. OneDrive for Business was the winner, with 67% of organizations willing to stay true to Microsoft.…

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Hybrid Search

Hybrid Search is Great? Right

Responses to one of the questions included in Concept Searching’s fourth SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market made me ponder. In retrospect, I wondered if perhaps I should have worded the question differently.…

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Engineering Search

Engineering Search – Breaking the Mold

So what is engineering search? This blog is the first in a series about Concept Searching’s Engineering Search solution. The solution has been created by thinking outside the box and is ground breaking, at least to us, to our key engineering services partner, and to our clients.…

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