Records Management

Records management is becoming more challenging. Records are ingested and created every day. Most of them are tagged by end users. Now, instant messaging, Facebook postings, emails must all be tracked. Records Managers are stuck between executives, legal, security, and a whole host of professionals with their own priorities.

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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems – May They Rest in Peace

“An estimated 75 percent of today’s content management solutions were installed before the year 2010 – meaning that most organizations are now depending upon systems that at best are dated, and at worst dangerously close to end-of-life.” Source: Holly Group.…

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Records Management

Records Management and Cybersecurity – Is This a Match Made in Heaven?

I just read an article about information governance and security, and I didn’t agree with most of it so I won’t share the link. My colleagues have been presenting on records management at several events recently, so this subject is on my mind.…

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Migration and Content Lifecycle Management

Migration is an Opportunity

Migration is often seen to be a bit of a pain. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. But it is also an opportunity.

In most organizations, content is mess. Manual tagging is still the preferred method of identifying documents.…

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Migrating to a New Website? What’s the Best Day?

Yes, there are recommendations for the best days to migrate to a new website. In fact, they are days that I never would have thought of. Ready? Ta-da – a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

You can do some preliminary work over the previous weekend, and you will need a few days after the migration for testing.…

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Migrating to the Web – Did You Think of This?

Migrating to the web is becoming a necessity. No longer is content only on-premises. In fact, migrating content to the web is often a key component. What kind of challenges can you run into?…

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Migration Projects

Over Time or Over Budget – Take Your Pick for Your Next Migration Project

Migration projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, they cost money.

If the project goes over time or over budget, that translates into real money, not to mention the impact on end users.…

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Taxonomies - Taxonomies Aren’t Just About Search Engine Optimization

Taxonomies Aren’t Just About Search Engine Optimization

Enterprises are struggling with managing content assets, which – on my soapbox again – stems from end users’ inability to accurately and consistently tag content for search, or any other application that uses metadata.…

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Digital Workplace

The Digital Dark Age – Are You Ready?

The impending digital dark age could soon be upon us. Are you ready? Is your business ready? I cannot even pretend to have the mind of Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet and Google VP, to suggest that technology is moving so fast that in the future no one will be able to access personal or business information, as it will have become obsolete – or unreadable.…

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Cloud First – Oops, Hybrid First is the Reality

The current Microsoft motto is ‘hybrid first’, and it appears that they have finally got it right. Based on the results of our SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market Survey, it appears that SharePoint customers are leaving their core business applications to be on-premises.…

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Auto-classification Software

Auto-classification Solutions: What questions to ask before purchasing?

I recently had to create a PowerPoint presentation on auto-classification for Records Managers for one of my technical/sales colleagues. One slide, provided questions they could ask a vendor that was under evaluation (of course, highly weighted to what we do provide).…

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