Definitely a challenge, but at some point every organization needs to migrate content or data. Often, it’s not very successful. How can migration be improved?

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Content Optimization

Bad Decisions are Costly – Clean Up Your Content

Making business decisions happens every day, from top executives down to worker bees. Did you ever wonder how many of those business decisions are based on faulty information? It would be interesting to calculate the monetary value that bad business decisions are costing organizations.…

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Migration and Content Lifecycle Management

Migration is an Opportunity

Migration is often seen to be a bit of a pain. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. But it is also an opportunity.

In most organizations, content is mess. Manual tagging is still the preferred method of identifying documents.…

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Migrating to a New Website? What’s the Best Day?

Yes, there are recommendations for the best days to migrate to a new website. In fact, they are days that I never would have thought of. Ready? Ta-da – a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

You can do some preliminary work over the previous weekend, and you will need a few days after the migration for testing.…

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Strategic Planning Migration

Strategic Planning and Migration – What?

Strategic planning should be a primary component of migration. To achieve operational value and efficiency, strategic planning documents the business project specific requirements before you start the process.…

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Migration Inventory

Planning Your Migration – Inventory Outputs

In our previous blog we discussed the importance of an inventory before a migration begins. Hard work.

What is the output of an inventory?

  • A list of content that will be migrated divided into logical groups
  • A list of content that contains records that were never declared
  • A list of content that contains privacy data or confidential information
  • A list of content that is of no value
  • A list of content that requires special handling
  • A list of content that will require changes along with scoping

Great ideas that will help with a migration.…

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Perform an Inventory Before Migration – You Will Be Thankful You Did

Ok, I bet most of you who are involved in migration don’t do an inventory when you are figuring out the time and budget for the project. You should do. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.…

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Migrating to the Web – Did You Think of This?

Migrating to the web is becoming a necessity. No longer is content only on-premises. In fact, migrating content to the web is often a key component. What kind of challenges can you run into?…

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Is Your Metadata Accurate When You Migrate? Highly Doubtful

Most organizations are still using manual tagging. I don’t wish to be insulting, but we are all capable of making mistakes. If you are planning a migration project or are in the midst of one, your metadata is of critical importance.…

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Migration Projects

Over Time or Over Budget – Take Your Pick for Your Next Migration Project

Migration projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, they cost money.

If the project goes over time or over budget, that translates into real money, not to mention the impact on end users.…

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Your Migration Project Has a 16 Percent Chance of Success

I just read a scary paper by Bloor Research on migration. Not to put the kibosh on migration projects, but did you know that the success rate, defined as on time and on budget, is 16 percent? Not very good odds.…

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