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A term being resurrected from the past. Is Knowledge Management relevant anymore? With all the content and mobile workers is it more important? Knowledge Management is your organizations historical track record, corporate memory. Do you share it?

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I Predict Growth in Cybercrime During 2018 – Not Exactly Brain Surgery

As 2017 is wrapping up, we have dire predictions for cybercrime in the year to come. In an article in Infosecurity Magazine, Trend Micro predicts an increase in vulnerabilities in the internet of things (IoT), which, as it notes, does not rely on regulations or industry standards.…

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Digital Workplace

Intelligent Content in Context – Effectiveness

Effectiveness can increase revenue, improve decision making, and reduce risk. Sounds like sales mumbo jumbo, but it really isn’t. I would think that was an objective for all organizations.…

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Digital Transformation

Intelligent Content in Context – Metadata

In over 91 percent of organizations, variations on manual tagging are used to describe what a document is about. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for the past thirty years, and it doesn’t look too hopeful for the next thirty.…

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Intelligent Content in Context – Efficiency

Efficiency is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. I would venture to guess that there is quite a bit of inefficiency in quite a few organizations. For example, doing the same process over and over, when it was created before your organization used an application to achieve the same goal.…

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Taxonomies - Taxonomies Aren’t Just About Search Engine Optimization

Taxonomies Aren’t Just About Search Engine Optimization

Enterprises are struggling with managing content assets, which – on my soapbox again – stems from end users’ inability to accurately and consistently tag content for search, or any other application that uses metadata.…

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Digital Workplace

Efficiency, Search, and Intelligent Content in Context in the Digital Workplace

I actually looked up the definition of efficiency. It is “The ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy.” On the manufacturing floor, these are critical components for keeping costs down and productivity up.…

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Knowledge Management – What goes around comes around

Knowledge Management almost seems like a retro word from the past to me. Once, it was all the rage, and I am going back quite a while. Of course, at that time, none of us selling it had any true idea what it was, and, there were really no tools available.…

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conceptClassifier for SharePoint Supporting a Global Knowledge Portal

A global consulting firm that assists companies in solving problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit  is in the process of deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint both on-premise and in the cloud.…

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Getting Knowledge Transfer Right Enterprise Wide Webinar Sponsored by Concept Searching and Discovery Machine

Concept Searching is pleased to announce a webinar hosted jointly with Discovery Machine Inc., entitled ‘Getting Knowledge Transfer Right Enterprise Wide’, taking place on September 5th.…

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Collaboration – Knowledge Dissemination for the Future?

The primary business benefits of the collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge are also accompanied by inherent weaknesses. There are several concerns, such as security, unauthorized use, and communication noise.…

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