A big topic to tackle. But one everyone loves to talk about government. What are they up to in IT, is it working? If not, what’s the fix? What is important and on their radar as high priorities? The world is getting much more complicated and government needs to keep up. How are they doing?

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itar compliance - Microsoft versus the Department of Justice – Round 1 to Microsoft

Microsoft versus the Department of Justice – Round 1 to Microsoft

All of our solutions are available in the cloud. Naturally, we read with interest the decision by the federal appeals court that the US Government cannot force Microsoft to turn over emails stored on Microsoft servers in Ireland.…

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Internet of Things…Blah, Blah, Blah

I am always amazed when I see common sense, as there is certainly a lack of it and not just in business. I don’t really spend a lot of time researching IoT, so I am most certainly not an expert.…

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Metadata: Opening a Can of Worms

Metadata under the new landmark decision by the Australian Privacy Commissioner, can now be considered personal, or privacy data, which means it is protected. The Commissioner determined that personal information whereby an individual may be reasonably ascertained from that information would be considered personal information.…

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Dysfunctional Search and the FBI, any of it sound familiar?

I think dysfunctional search is a great name. Unfortunately, it appears that the FBI wins the prize, but I am sure there are many organizations that also feel that their search is dysfunctional. An article in techdirt, ‘How The FBI’s Dysfunctional Search Systems Keep Information Out Of FOIA Requesters’ Hands’, did provide a chuckle, simply because it is just too late to take the US government seriously anymore.…

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That’s our government, fighting its way out of a paper bag.

I try not let government, anyone’s government drive me crazy anymore. Government still has the ability to stun, shock, and actually embarrass me, especially when it’s my government.…

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There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!

1Whoops - There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!A 7 million write-off faced the taxpayers of New Zealand for the failure of a software program to be used to eliminate paper records and manage criminal cases electronically. Atypical of government waste, their goal would have saved 93K work hours per year.…

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Oh, you mean government has to follow the law? What was I thinking???

An ‘oldie but goodie’!

Just another story that illustrates how stupid government thinks we are. Or, perhaps another story for us to illustrate how stupid government is.…

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Is the Australia Government Similar to Your Organization?

At first, I got a kick out of reading this article in CIO Magazine (Australia edition), “Context needed in metadata and data retention debate“. First of all, I find it unique in regards that metadata has become a political debate.…

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Using a Taxonomy to Improve Records Management

Since I seem to be on a compliance kick this week, I found the following quote quite insightful.

“More than 100,000 international laws and regulations are potentially relevant to Forbes Global 1000 companies—ranging from financial disclosure requirements to standards for data retention and privacy.

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The NSA Doesn’t Have the Technology to Search Their Own eMails?

Why does this not surprise me? The NSA is considered a supercomputing powerhouse, and the speed of their hardware is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. I say that deserves a ‘wow’.…

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