eDiscovery and FOIA

eDiscovery costs continue to escalate. The legal industry is waiting for artificial intelligence to change the game. They may all be retired by then. FOIA is on-going and actually most agencies do well, what are the tricks of the trade they use to work more productively?

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Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata-Driven World

Risky Business and Shoddy Practices – Yes, I’m Talking to You

Gartner reports that 85 percent of information in a company is unstructured – IBM estimates 80 percent – and that an organization’s information doubles every 18 months.…

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Intelligent Migration

90 Percent of Your Content is Forlorn and Ignored – Be Tough and Get Rid of It

Current predictions claim that 95 percent of your content is unstructured. Wow. Yet, it is probably the most mismanaged asset your organization owns. I can never figure that out.

Of that 95 percent, how much is garbage?…

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Cloud First – Oops, Hybrid First is the Reality

The current Microsoft motto is ‘hybrid first’, and it appears that they have finally got it right. Based on the results of our SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market Survey, it appears that SharePoint customers are leaving their core business applications to be on-premises.…

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Metadata and Tunnel Vision

I am continually surprised by how many organizations know so little about the importance of metadata, and the tunnel vision that accompanies the subject.

Based on Concept Searching’s historical references, surveys, and industry knowledge, most organizations are only at the beginning of their metadata maturity model.…

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Content Optimization, Validation and Reporting Toolkit - Concept Searching

The Digital Workplace and a Toolkit – I Really Don’t See the Connection

We have many clients with large document sets in excess of 30 million. Checking to see if the auto-classification was spot-on for each and every document could be a doomed exercise. If done manually, it would probably eliminate the global unemployment problem.…

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eDiscovery and Search – a $42.1 Billion Problem

According to Robert Hilson, Director at Logikull, a discovery automation platform company, in his recent blog, ‘How much does eDiscovery cost the US every year? He calculated the costs of eDiscovery, and the result is mind boggling.…

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Who is responsible for this mess? eDiscovery at its worst.

The average Fortune 500 companies have 125 lawsuits at any given point. The average cost of eDiscovery per lawsuit is now creeping upwards of $3 million.

According to a recent AIIM presentation, Are You Prepared for Digital Disruption 2015 Predictions:

  • 47% of organizations feel universal search and compliant eDiscovery is becoming near impossible
  • 53% of organizations admit their legal discovery procedures are “ad hoc, manual, disruptive, and expensive”
  • 24% of organizations have had a compliance issue around litigation and discovery within the last two years

Not really good news if you happen to be in the midst of a lawsuit.…

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Will predictive analytics become the hero in eDiscovery?

eDiscovery is an expensive business problem. I recently did some research on analytics and what I found was that predictive analytics is being touted as the next ‘breakthrough’ technology to solve eDiscovery.…

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Not Confident in eDiscovery? Neither is Anyone Else

Ok, we are picking on government today. It seems that most federal agencies are not confident in their ability to handle eDiscovery. I would argue that many organizations are also unable to handle the challenges associated with it.…

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Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk – eDiscovery and Records Management in SharePoint Webinar Sponsored by Concept Searching and C/D/H

Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk – eDiscovery and Records Management in SharePoint Webinar Sponsored by Concept Searching and C/D/H

Concept Searching is pleased to announce a webinar hosted jointly with C/D/H, entitled ‘Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk – eDiscovery and Records Management in SharePoint’, taking place on September 10th.…

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