Auto-classification, categorization, content classification, rules based, statistical, indexing, whatever you would like to call it, is it the Holy Grail of content? Yes and no.

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Metadata - Concept Searching

The Importance of Metadata

We have blogged about this topic before, and it’s still one of our favorite subjects – metadata tagging. For years, metadata would make business professionals somewhat bored when explained to them.…

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Information Security - Concept Searching

Is Your Financial Director Influencing Cybersecurity?

If not, they should be. Actually, I think the Chief Financial Officer should be on top of cybersecurity. You may regard this as more people to muddy the already cloudy waters, and consider financial input intrusive.…

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540 Million Facebook Users – Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Poor Facebook. It seems to continually get itself into hot water over privacy issues. Half the time, it doesn’t even seem to be sorry. It’s that’ business as usual until caught ‘attitude that I find annoying.…

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Classification – It’s a Race to the Finish

I dislike it when I read criticisms of classification technologies. Not just ours, mostly anyone’s in our space. Some work better than others, but classification is not ‘a thing of the past’ or ‘no longer valid in this day and age.’

Now I do realize when flaunting your own product, it is very tempting to criticize other technologies.…

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phishing - Got Office 365? It’s an Ocean Full of Phish

Got Office 365? It’s an Ocean Full of Phish

According to a report by security firm Avanan, 25 percent of all phishing emails swim right through Office 365. For those with their heads in the sand, phishing occurs when an attacker sends a communication, usually an email, to an individual attempting to influence them to open an infected file or click on a malicious link to a page that will request credentials or drop malware.…

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Intelligent Metadata - Concept Searching

You May Have Metadata, but Is It Actionable Knowledge?

I hope all your content has metadata. It probably doesn’t. Those pesky end users can store a document every which way. Then those same end users can’t find it. And they spend an average of 4.5 hours per week per person looking for it.…

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Records Management

Say Happy Birthday to RIM – 24 Years Old

April is Records and Information Management (RIM) Month. Now in its 24th year, it was developed to emphasize the importance of good record keeping and information management. You would think after all these years that businesses would have a greater appreciation of the accomplishments of their records management staff.…

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California Privacy Act

How Much Is the California Privacy Act Going to Cost You?

Interesting topic. From reports in the press, we haven’t even put General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to bed yet. If you are unfamiliar with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you may like to read our previous blog that offers an overview of CCPA.…

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California Privacy Act

That Doesn’t Apply to Us – California Privacy Act

The US has been somewhat lax, or too afraid of big business, to address consumer data privacy, or lack thereof. I have always thought people from California were, well, not like us, if you know what I mean.…

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Security Breaches - Concept Searching

If It’s Broken, Then Fix It. Can We Use Some Common Sense?

I think you may be aware by now that ‘negligent users’ are very often responsible for data security breaches. Other reasons for breaches are the lack of a security culture, users sharing passwords, and malicious insiders.…

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