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Search, Collaboration, and Information Governance Improved for Leading Educational Institute

“As an education provider, collaboration is key. In the past we depended on siloed information systems and tasks. But with the Office 365 cloud solution from Concept Searching, we are able to automate business-critical processes, expand to other geographies, and significantly reduce our annual infrastructure and support costs.”

Brad Vines, Director of Information Technology, Wintec

Concept Searching
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New Zealand
Office 365

The institute needed an effective way to organize information stored on its intranets to make it accessible to internal and external users, while improving the quality of search results and successfully migrating content to the cloud.


“We have achieved our goals of making our user experiences more valuable, encouraging our communities to get the most out of collaboration, and providing the ability to find the right information quickly and with minimal effort.”

Brad Vines – Director of Information Technology, Wintec

The technologies were used to drive intelligent migration, to apply and automate policies, enable compliance, and significantly improve search and collaboration.


  • Accuracy of search
  • Compliance and governance
  • Cost savings
  • Ease of access to information
  • Improved collaboration

The Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) is one of New Zealand’s largest Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics and a leading provider of quality, vocational and professional education in the Waikato region.

Wintec is an integral part of the region, serving the needs of students, employers and the wider community. Wintec helps drive the development of skilled workforces, not only in New Zealand, but globally.


Users could not find relevant information, which was accessed via combination of VPNs, flash drives, and emails. This resulted in permissions and management issues. Since Wintec supports diverse audiences, both internal and external, effective search was a priority.

Wintec had two intranets, one for the 20,000 students and one for staff, both dealing with information dissemination and collaboration. While staff needed to author and share documents, requiring a holistic view, students had a different set of needs, which were temporary and project based.

Wanting to fully leverage SharePoint functionality, the institute did not want to restrict access to information, but instead encourage content contribution and sharing, to improve individual, group, and organizational performance. 

Wintec chose the conceptClassifier for Office 365 platform, which enables automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification of unstructured and semi-structured content, and taxonomy tools, running natively in all versions of SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business.

An additional requirement was compliance with the New Zealand Information Act, which requires declassified information to be freely available and accessible to the public.

Traditionally, information was tagged to a person, but Wintec wanted to change the approach to tag and classify information to a role instead.

The conceptClassifier platform automates tagging. Typically, end user tagging is subjective, erroneous, and often non-existent. This makes the search engine unable to retrieve accurate content in response to an end user request.

The ability to generate semantic content or ‘content in context’ is provided through the metadata generation tool. This industry-unique technology captures the concepts within content and generates metadata that may consist of several words. This eliminates end user tagging, which impacts productivity, increases costs, and degrades the accuracy of search.

The conceptTaxonomyWorkflow add-on product provides an easy-to-use interface to deploy workflow capabilities based on organizational rules, which enables Wintec to improve its business processes or any application that uses metadata.

Wintec’s intranet has been able to use the power of conceptClassifier for Office 365 to create communities of interest, to provide an environment of innovation, communication, and collaboration. The organization works on joint ventures, so often internal users, partners and third party contractors need to create and share secure and confidential information.

Collaboration in the past with partners had been very slow and relied heavily on email to communicate and collaborate. This caused a time lag and did not provide Wintec or the partner with an audit trail for project activities.

Wintec is now able to track business processes, which enables the organization to solve specific business process bottlenecks. Communities are encouraged and empowered to develop and improve solutions to meet their specific challenges.

As well as intelligently migrating content to the cloud, access to information has been improved and business processes enhanced for all information users, both internal and external.

With the native integration of the Concept Searching solution, Wintec is able to optimize search results and find relevant information quickly, eliminate end user tagging, and automatically classify content through the taxonomy functions.

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