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Intelligent Search delivering Safety and Mission Assurance to 10,000 Users Enterprise Wide

“With the integration of the Concept Searching intelligent search capability, Triune Group was able to provide us with a robust and scalable collaboration tool that delivers not only powerful advanced searching capabilities, but also a controlled and secure environment.”

Brian Follen – NASA Safety Center (NSC) KnowledgeNow Program Manager

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The organization wanted to improve collaboration across the 10,000 strong workforce, improving findability, effectiveness and information sharing in a controlled and secure environment.


KnowledgeNow (KN)

“Due to Concept Searching’s straightforward design, integration into our environment was very easy and we were able to provide much more than a basic search results list; we were actually able to categorize the search results by content type – documents, forums, communities, people, action items and wikis.”

Douglas Book – President and CEO, Triune Group

NSC chose a robust, scalable integrated collaboration and search solution, with the unique ability to extract concepts from content “compound term processing”, so significantly improving search results.


  • Accuracy of search
  • Relevance of results
  • Confidence in data
  • Increase in quality of data for decision making

The NASA Safety Center (NSC) was established in October 2006 to support the safety and mission assurance requirements of NASA’s portfolio of programs and projects.

Based in the Ohio Aerospace Institute, the NSC reports to the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC.

The NSC provides services for the Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) community, the NASA management team and NASA employees, to foster success through:

  • Technical excellence for the SMA community
  • Knowledge capture and dissemination
  • Coordinated audits and assessments
  • Mishap investigation support

With an increasing requirement to effectively share and disseminate mission critical information and technical excellence, the NSC wanted to implement an intelligent search solution as an integral part of its collaboration platform, enabling collaboration across disparate work groups and some 10,000 users.

The NSC turned to Triune Group to replace their existing collaboration suite.

Recognized as a leader in the knowledge management field, Triune Group prides itself on the depth and breadth of its experience, and the wide array of technological specialties and proficiencies that it relies on to achieve success.

Triune Group needed an advanced, robust search capability to integrate into its offering, so embedded Concept Searching’s intelligent search application, conceptSearch, into its KnowledgeNow (KN) collaboration platform.

The KnowledgeNow application provides capabilities such as document management, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, program management tools, and professional networking through a community of practice model.

And conceptSearch enables the discovery of internal content. Its advanced search capability is widely used within the Federal Government and Department of Defense due to its unique ability to extracts concepts from content “compound term processing”, significantly improving search results.

Triune Group integrated its collaboration applications with Concept Searching’s search engine, and installed the solution on NASA servers at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

The new system, called NASA Safety Center KnowledgeNow (NSCKN), currently supports over 10,000 registered users in more than 800 virtual workspaces and communities of practice across the agency.

The goal was to replace the existing collaboration tool used by the NASA Safety Center. With the integration of the Concept Searching intelligent search capability, Triune Group was able to provide a scalable, robust collaboration tool that provides extremely powerful advanced searching capabilities.

When a search is executed, the user can choose which workspace to search in, but the beauty of the system is that it honors all the existing permissions. This provides logged in users with a comprehensive search across the entire system, but displays only content they are permitted to see.

One of the reasons the NASA Safety Center wanted to move to the integrated solution was because its communities were not truly closed. So control was a benefit of the new system, allowing users to appropriately access relevant information.

It was also possible to effectively and accurately create additional communities in the post migration stage of the implementation.

The relevance and quality of data was enhanced significantly, alongside confidence in the accuracy of both content and control.

The KnowledgeNow and conceptSearch solution easily integrated with the NSC’s other internal communication systems. With the added benefit of being an extremely scalable solution, the NSC can enjoy the longevity of its new system.

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