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Patient Portal Delivering Search Accuracy, Enhanced Care, Empowerment and Education

“With more than 60,000 current users, the MyMoffitt Patient Portal has seen significant growth, and of the new patients that come to Moffitt, 100% register for a patient portal account. All developments and enhancements are about improving the patient experience.”

David Stringfellow – Manager of Portal and Web Technologies, Moffitt Cancer Center

Concept Searching
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The MyMoffitt portal needed to be developed to enable patients to access information relevant to their specific health situations, while also ensuring the information is accurate, medically sound, and secure.


“The ability to modify and tune taxonomies vastly increases the accuracy and relevance of content searches, making it much easier for patients to find exactly the information they need and can benefit from.”

Rajat Bhakhri – CEO and Founder, Aeturnum

Enterprise technology infrastructure using unique ‘compound term processing’ was used to deliver intelligent search, significantly improving search results and access to targeted information, from both internal and external information sources.


  • Accuracy of search
  • Relevance of results
  • Confidence in data
  • Control and trust

Moffitt Cancer Center is committed to the prevention and cure of cancer, and works in the areas of patient care, research, and education to advance one step further in fighting this disease.

Moffitt is a not-for-profit organization that features the Southeast’s largest Blood and Marrow Transplant Program; outpatient treatment programs that record more than 328,300 visits a year; the Moffitt Research Center; Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza; and Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention.

As part of an elite group of National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Moffitt focuses on the development of early stage translational research aimed at the rapid translation of scientific discoveries to benefit patients.

In an effort to further enhance care for patients and improve their experience, Moffitt has created an online patient portal – the MyMoffitt Patient Portal.

The portal was designed to provide patients with easy access to relevant information about their care.

Its goal is to empower and educate patients with highly targeted and useful information, give them a greater sense of control over their care and treatment, and ease some of their stress.

The challenge was how to provide individual patients with the information most relevant to their specific health situations while ensuring the information is accurate, medically sound, and secure.

Another requirement was the ability to search across multiple pools of information inside and outside Moffitt. And it had to be easy to use for patients of all ages and demographics.

Aeturnum, a leading provider of enterprise application development services and solutions for healthcare, was selected to work with Moffitt’s IT organization to expand the patient portal by adding intelligent search capabilities and tailoring the information patients received to their specific situations.

Moffitt wanted to leverage Microsoft’s enterprise search solution, which it was already using with some success within the organization.

Aeturnum introduced Concept Searching’s enterprise infrastructure technology, in the form of conceptClassifier and conceptTaxonomyManager, to provide an integrated solution enabling patients to access highly relevant information specific to their situation.

conceptClassifier uses its unique ‘compound term processing’ to extract concepts from content, and generates keywords, acronyms, and phrases from within content, by automatically identifying the word patterns in unstructured text that convey the most meaning.

In the case of Moffitt, it enabled content to be automatically classified based on the type of cancer, stage of cancer, medications and surgical interventions, among other facets. For example, a piece of content about Astrocytoma would be classified as Brain Cancer because Astrocytoma is a brain neoplasm.

Concept Searching’s technology also enables vocabulary variants to be standardized, through the use of taxonomies. For example, Diplopia means the same thing as Double Vision, and Leukemia and Leukaemia are alternate spellings of the same word.

The solution provides a single, secure point for patients to access information relevant to their condition and care.

Patients are able to use the portal to search for medical information, clinical trials and support groups both within and outside Moffitt.

Information is sourced from internal Moffitt systems, government sources, as well as reliable third party sources.

The portal also provides patients with access to both a searchable dictionary of medical terms and an online directory of Moffitt physicians.

By extending the MyMoffitt portal, highly relevant and targeted information is being provided to patients on demand about different treatment options, self-care options, and supporting information and resources. Patients feel more in control, increasing their satisfaction with, and trust in Moffitt Cancer Center.

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