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Solving the Problem of Unstructured Content Using the SharePoint Term Store

“A key driver in the decision to move forward with SharePoint and Concept Searching was the real-time, native, and bi-directional integration of conceptClassifier for SharePoint with the SharePoint Term Store.”

Concept Searching
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Financial Services

This company wanted to proactively manage content, and leverage the SharePoint Term Store.


“Running natively and fully integrated with the Term Store, the technology can consistently apply conceptual metadata to content, and auto-classify to the Term Store metadata model. This resolves the challenge of applying metadata to potentially thousands of documents, and eliminates the need to depend on the end user community to correctly tag content and then create term sets.”

This highly scalable solution, easily used by subject-matter experts, extracts highly granular content in context from diverse repositories, to improve decision making by providing the data needed to solve specific business issues.


  • Reduces manpower required to create and maintain term sets
  • Minimizes human error
  • Leverages SharePoint investment
  • Reduces the quantity of irrelevant search results and improves accuracy

This company is an investment bank and full-service investment firm, offering investment banking, financial advisory services, capital markets services, asset management, wealth management, and related products and services worldwide.

The organization relied heavily on the ability to access information on demand, to meet internal needs and diverse stakeholders. A solution to resolve the challenge of managing content to improve information retrieval was needed. The firm also wanted to use the SharePoint Term Store, but did not want to create term sets and generate metadata using manual, error-prone methods.

The requirements included:

  • Integrate SharePoint term sets into the business model for improving search
  • Reduce the time, effort, and resources needed to maintain and manage term sets
  • Reduce the complexity that can accompany managing multiple applications
  • Leverage SharePoint investment

Concept Searching’s solutions have been developed to run natively in SharePoint and are fully integrated with all versions of SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business. conceptTaxonomyManager is included in the award-winning core product, as well as automatic semantic generation and an auto-classification engine. The versatility and integration of the technologies enabled the company to identify all content, and make it available to any application that needs access to unstructured information.

Term Store functionality in SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online enables the development of a metadata model, using out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities. Running natively and fully integrated with the Term Store, the technology can consistently apply conceptual metadata to content and auto-classify to the Term Store metadata model. This addresses the challenge of applying metadata to thousands of documents, and eliminates the dependency on the end user community to correctly tag content and then create term sets.

conceptTaxonomyManager functions bi-directionally, in real time, with the Term Store, where changes can be made in the Term Store or in the taxonomy manager and are immediately reflected in both. This added functionality helped the company to expedite the development of metadata models, offering sophisticated refinement capabilities, and significantly reducing the time spent on daily maintenance.

The component is easy to use by both business and IT professionals, and provides interactive features, such as a rule-based engine that eliminates the need for reiterative training sets and highly specialized human resources, automatic taxonomy node clue suggestion, dynamic screen updating to see the impact of changes, and document movement feedback to review cause and effect of changes without re-indexing.


The solution was successful in resolving the organization’s content management challenges, as well as improving information retrieval. The transparent integration with the SharePoint Term Store provided native SharePoint features, and the firm can now use robust taxonomy management tools to manage and tailor the taxonomies to its unique corpus of content. Search was significantly improved, through the ability to populate the search engine index with semantic metadata.

  • Significantly reduced manpower required to create and maintain term sets, resulting in reduced costs
  • Provided a consistent enterprise metadata repository, through metadata generation and auto-classification, minimizing human error
  • Content is classified when created or ingested, enabling the external website to be always up to date, improving customer satisfaction
  • Reduced the quantity of irrelevant search results, improving their accuracy and relevance, to support a wide range of stakeholders
  • Easy to use, so requires little training and reduces costs associated with term set management
  • Leverages SharePoint investment

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