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UK County Council

Increasing Efficiency and Doing More with Less

“Due to the explosive growth of unstructured data, and new government and industry requirements, organizations must track and manage all data assets from cradle to grave, and be accountable for compliance.”

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Education and Healthcare Organization

The Ability to Deliver Content in Context

“Finding relevant information when you don’t know the search words to use is frustrating and unproductive. As a result, too many relevant results are never found, increasing the likelihood of making decisions using erroneous information, which is bad business for any business.”

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Integrated Global Energy Company

Eliminating One Source of Data Breaches

“The issue is not the security architecture or strategy, it is the inability to identify potential, unknown sensitive information exposures in real-time from within content.”

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Rare Earths Mining Organization

Using Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration to Drive Revenues

The lack of a holistic view of social intelligence and collaboration, in the context of internal and external data, can lead to partially informed decisions, missed opportunities, and increased risk and cost, due to decision making without the benefit of critical input.

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Asset Management Company

Solving the Problem of Unstructured Content Using the SharePoint Term Store

“A key driver in the decision to move forward with SharePoint and Concept Searching was the real-time, native, and bi-directional integration of conceptClassifier for SharePoint with the SharePoint Term Store.”

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Diversified Active Investment Management Firm

Improving Search for 500 Investment Professionals

“Without meaningful metadata, content remains unmanaged and has no value, rendering it useless as a business asset to the organization.

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Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

Managing the SharePoint Term Store – Reducing Time, Money, and Manpower

“Running natively and fully integrated with the Term Store, the technology can consistently apply conceptual metadata to content and auto-classify to the Term Store metadata model.

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Global Resources Organization

Eliminating End User Tagging in Records Management

“A successful records management system must suit an organization’s workflow, by being easily adaptable by users and integrated into their daily activities.

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Global Oil Field Services Organization

Intelligent Migration as the Key to Content Management

The ability to mass move content is relatively straight forward. However, from an information governance approach, mass moving content results in mismanaged and inaccessible information.”

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Multi-national Oil and Gas Company

Saving Millions Using Content Analytics

“Traditional search assumes that end users know what they are looking for, or must enter the ‘right’ combination of words, in the ‘right’ order, to get the ‘right’ result.

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