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Multinational Technology Company

Saving Millions Using Content Analytics

“Compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires a new level of oversight and diligence. Compliance must be done ‘one at a time’ to ensure nothing falls between the proverbial cracks.

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Automating Content Lifecycle Management

Automating Content Lifecycle Management

Several unexpected benefits were made available as a result of the technology framework. The hierarchical structure of the taxonomy became the key component for the retrieval of information in a number of ways, enabling content to be reused or repurposed.”

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Private Equity Firm

Improving Search and Solving Compliance Challenges with One Set of Technologies

The typical approach taken to records management continues to highlight that most companies do not accomplish records management successfully.

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National US Law Firm

Content Optimization – Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance

Organizations fail to realize the impact of unmanaged content and how it can derail the success or failure in achieving organizational objectives.

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Healthcare Organization

Content Optimization – Reducing Risk, and Ensuring Compliance and Information Governance

“Organizations are beginning to wake up to the fact that legacy content contains risk and value.

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UK County Council

Increasing Efficiency and Doing More with Less

“Due to the explosive growth of unstructured data, and new government and industry requirements, organizations must track and manage all data assets from cradle to grave, and be accountable for compliance.”

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Education and Healthcare Organization

The Ability to Deliver Content in Context

“Finding relevant information when you don’t know the search words to use is frustrating and unproductive. As a result, too many relevant results are never found, increasing the likelihood of making decisions using erroneous information, which is bad business for any business.”

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Integrated Global Energy Company

Eliminating One Source of Data Breaches

“The issue is not the security architecture or strategy, it is the inability to identify potential, unknown sensitive information exposures in real time from within content.”

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Rare Earths Mining Organization

Using Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration to Drive Revenues

The lack of a holistic view of social intelligence and collaboration, in the context of internal and external data, can lead to partially informed decisions, missed opportunities, and increased risk and cost, due to decision making without the benefit of critical input.

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Asset Management Company

Solving the Problem of Unstructured Content Using the SharePoint Term Store

“A key driver in the decision to move forward with SharePoint and Concept Searching was the real-time, native, and bi-directional integration of conceptClassifier for SharePoint with the SharePoint Term Store.”

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