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Is Your Metadata Accurate When You Migrate? Highly Doubtful

Most organizations are still using manual tagging. I don’t wish to be insulting, but we are all capable of making mistakes. If you are planning a migration project or are in the midst of one, your metadata is of critical importance.…

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Migration Projects

Over Time or Over Budget – Take Your Pick for Your Next Migration Project

Migration projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, they cost money.

If the project goes over time or over budget, that translates into real money, not to mention the impact on end users.…

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Your Migration Project Has a 16 Percent Chance of Success

I just read a scary paper by Bloor Research on migration. Not to put the kibosh on migration projects, but did you know that the success rate, defined as on time and on budget, is 16 percent? Not very good odds.…

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Intelligent Migration

90 Percent of Your Content is Forlorn and Ignored – Be Tough and Get Rid of It

Current predictions claim that 95 percent of your content is unstructured. Wow. Yet, it is probably the most mismanaged asset your organization owns. I can never figure that out.

Of that 95 percent, how much is garbage?…

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Content Optimization

Content Optimization and Migration – Hand in Hand

Migration, no matter which way you cut it, isn’t typically a pleasurable task. Sometimes, or perhaps it’s all the time, the hoarding nature of end users rears its ugly head and nothing gets cleaned up or deleted.…

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Enterprise Content Management Systems

Enterprise Content Management Systems – Sort of Like Rabbits

Rabbits get a bad rap, as they continually reproduce. Actually, they can have up to five litters per year with up to 12 babies. There you have it. It struck me that this is very similar to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, which appears to replicate itself throughout an organization.…

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