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Content Analytics

Is Content Analytics a Game Changer? Well, Yes and No

In an AIIM survey, ‘Using Analytics – automating processes and extracting knowledge,’ 276 decision makers weighed in on content analytics. Here’s what they said. My comments in brackets. Sorry, I can’t keep quiet. 27 percent see content analytics as essential now. 59 percent see it as essential within the next 5 years. [What on earth are […]

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ECM - Enterprise Content Management

ECM and the Cloud – A Match Not Made in Heaven

The cloud has caused disruption for ECM vendors. Woefully behind on technology to begin with, ECM vendors find that the cloud has upset the applecart even more dramatically. It appears that file share chaos is prevalent. The adoption of file sync and share, and of cloud content management tools, has brought increased the chaos. Luke […]

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Voice mail – It’s so Passé

In my efforts to find out all I could about collaboration, I discovered that only 18 percent of people check their voicemail. I thought that was shocking. Both Coca-Cola and JP Morgan Chase actually removed voicemail systems, as no one was checking them. Problems and meetings were falling through the cracks because everyone was emailing […]

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What Exactly are You Collaborating On? Is it safe?

The average enterprise collaborates with 72 business partners via OneDrive and SharePoint Online, according to Skyhigh Networks. That’s quite a few. Is collaboration safe? May sound like a stupid question, but this subject seems to be overlooked in the growing world of vendors and analyst reports. Collaboration can bring many benefits, which I won’t go […]

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The Fall of Email?

Everyone loves email, except if you are a Millennial – that’s someone between 20 and 40 years old. Why are there so many of us old fogies out there? Texting is in. My issue is that the words are too small to read on my phone and my fingers don’t work, and I am an […]

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Secure Collaboration

Yes, Yet Another Survey

Every year, for the past five years, we have published a survey for SharePoint and now Office 365 professionals. It’s surprisingly eye-opening. Interestingly, the answers given sometimes mirror the views of analysts and pundits, while at other times the responses are totally unexpected. Take collaboration. Typically, security appears as the primary area of focus, but […]

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