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Over the past fourteen years, Concept Searching has become the industry leader in the development of platforms that address all aspects of capturing, leveraging, and managing conceptual metadata to improve business applications. Click through our Blog to discover latest news and developments.

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So You Want to Collaborate?

Collaboration is as unique as each individual. What I regard collaboration to be might never occur to you, and vice versa. You may even define collaboration differently at different times, depending on the situation. Its span of activities can involve email – yes, email – communicating using any device, real-time co-authoring, SharePoint Team Sites, shared […]

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Collaboration as a Phase in Achieving Innovation Management

When considering the continuum of collaboration vehicles and performance outcomes in an organization, it’s important to look before you run. The ultimate goal is Innovation Management, but few companies ever reach that pinnacle of success. At a basic level, an organization should be using a Taxonomy to manage content within the business. As part of […]

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Findability or Usability?

You know, I hate the word findability. I don’t know why, it just rubs me up the wrong way. I was thinking about using a different word. I like usability. There is a big difference between the two words. Did you know that if the median Fortune 1000 company were to increase the usability of […]

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Ever Wonder How Many Fish Are in an Ocean? Every Wonder What’s in Your Content?

The finance team can’t find their quarterly spreadsheet. You, even though you are not in the IT team, are supposed to help find it, because the person who created it is your boss, who worked weekends and put in late nights to create it. Sound familiar? Did you know 70 percent of businesses use spreadsheets […]

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Engineering Search and Artificial Intelligence – A Match Made in Heaven

Our last few blogs have focused on engineering search, a game-changing solution for engineering professionals, enabling them to find what they need, when they need it, and for it to be relevant to the task at hand. This is aligned with the digital workplace, where end users must be able to retrieve information that is […]

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Engineering Search

Engineering Search – Does it Impact the Bottom Line? You Bet

Our last few blogs talked about our new solution for engineering search. This blog focuses on the business benefits, and makes this solution easy to justify. I know we call it ‘engineering’ search but it really is applicable to professionals in any area of business where information is needed from a variety of sources, such […]

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