Big Data – Is it still in an embryonic stage?

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Big Data – Is it still in an embryonic stage?

Once again, big data in the news. Everyone is writing about it, but how many companies are doing it? Well, here’s some interesting scoop. In an article by Mark A. Smith from Ventana Research, they identified key technologies for competitive advantage in 2013. It is actually an interesting article. One of those areas was, of course, big data.

Let’s dig into this a little bit more. Ventana Research showed that 14% of businesses today are very satisfied with their existing big data technology. 28% of organizations said big data utilization has improved their business significantly. 44% of organizations surveyed found big data solutions too expensive.

What I found was interesting is that the research found that information management issues such as data governance, data integration, and data quality as it relates to big data was still in embryonic form in most organizations. I’m not sure how you can achieve the benefits of big data, with out the other components.

My question to those who are using big data, what about the information management issues? Is this an afterthought, or just not a concern? How can results be accurate or useful?

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