Big Content – Just for Sentiment and Voice of the Customer? Wake Up Everyone

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Big Data

Big Content – Just for Sentiment and Voice of the Customer? Wake Up Everyone

In trying to get up to speed on big content by doing as much reading as I can, I find there is now a plethora of packages that actually use and leverage unstructured content – background applause. However, they fall short in many ways.

Focusing on sentiment analysis and Voice of the Customer is critically important to a whole host of companies. For the most part, these approaches work, and many work pretty darn well. But they are just small pieces of the pie, when we are talking about leveraging unstructured and semi-structured content to solve business problems that fall inside our brick and mortar walls.

Most of us don’t try to gain the insight that sits waiting to be discovered. Probably because it’s hard to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place and succeed. Unstructured content is resistant to automated analysis and the nuances of human language, and falling back on manual classification just won’t do the trick.

So, a whole host of challenges await those determined enough to get to the value in content. Are we just waiting for a vendor to come along and make it easy for us? What do you think?

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