Auto-classification, the only way out!

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Auto-classification, the only way out!

Messy RoomI did one blog on auto-classification, and I just read an article where I realized the author was rambling, and had no idea what he was talking about. I am not an expert, but I thought I would post some blogs about auto-classification to solicit feedback by those who are interested (and experts) in the topic. I would like to include your thoughts and comments in an article about auto-classification.

What is the big picture?


Why auto-classification is the only way out:

  • Volume is increasing – underlying infrastructure/foundation/facilities not built in for IM lifecycle management (tools, culture, etc.)
  • Multiple repositories (file shares, applications, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Lack of Understanding
  • Taxonomies / Master Data Management – held in silos if used at all
  • Metadata – lack of relevant, non-subjective, non-existent
  • Transition from Subject to Function Based
    • Caused by large number of values (subjects)
  • Make it easier for users

What does auto-classification buy us? A little bit of everything! Rather a place for everything, and everything in its place. Except, unlike the physical world, it may exist in one or more places. Sometimes, which I know is highly annoying I will say to my husband, can you please get that ‘thing’ and move it to the living room. After the first few times of ignoring me, he kindly asks, ‘what thing? I then have to reply please move the latest issue of Bon Appetit from the kitchen table and put it in the living room in the magazine holder. That’s what classification does.

Can you add other items to the list above on why auto-classification is the only way out?

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