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Text mining, text analytics, auto-classification, categorization

Where’s the Insight?

Structured data analytics has been around for quite a while. Unstructured? Not so. Yet Gartner reports that 85 percent of information in a company is unstructured, and that a company’s information doubles every 18 months.…

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Data Maturity Model

Is Your Organization Deficient in Information Competency?

Interestingly, many organizations have jumped on the communications and collaboration bandwagon. Millennials love new technology – after all, it was their baby food. But organizations still fail at user adoption and achieving the anticipated benefits.…

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Digital Workplace

Intelligent Content in Context – Effectiveness

Effectiveness can increase revenue, improve decision making, and reduce risk. Sounds like sales mumbo jumbo, but it really isn’t. I would think that was an objective for all organizations.…

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Digital Transformation

Intelligent Content in Context – Metadata

In over 91 percent of organizations, variations on manual tagging are used to describe what a document is about. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for the past thirty years, and it doesn’t look too hopeful for the next thirty.…

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Intelligent Content in Context – Efficiency

Efficiency is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. I would venture to guess that there is quite a bit of inefficiency in quite a few organizations. For example, doing the same process over and over, when it was created before your organization used an application to achieve the same goal.…

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Search and You Will Find – Maybe

Today, one of our technical people said that search was a commodity. That is probably valid. But I am hoping that executive management now sees that search, even if it is a commodity, needs to find what you are looking for and only what you are looking for.…

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Text Analytics

Can Big Data and Text Analytics Be Friends? No, I Don’t Think So

Years ago, more years than I care to admit, data warehousing was all the rage. A precursor, if you will, to big data. Times have changed. Big data is, well, big data. So much so, a data warehousing solution could no longer choke down data and spit out an answer.…

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Text Analytics

The 80 Percent Statistic – Fact or Fiction? Just Say, “I Made It Up”

For years, the 80 percent statistic has been used, by me and everyone else in my work orbit. For those of you who have been lucky enough never to have come across it, the concept is, “80 percent of an organization’s data is unstructured.”

In fact, it seems the idea has seen a recent resurgence and is popping up all over the place, used most probably by a whole new generation who believe this is a new statistic.…

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Secure Collaboration - Collaboration – The Unseen Cybercriminal

Collaboration – The Unseen Cybercriminal

Collaboration is a serious issue from a cybersecurity perspective. The average company using SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business collaborates with 72 business partners.

The results of an analysis by Skyhigh Networks found that 8 percent of business partners were deemed high risk from a security standpoint.…

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Enterprise Search

Your Data Is Your Competitive Advantage, If You Can Find It

An organization’s data is a unique asset. Its specific data does not exist anywhere else, it can’t be purchased, and it can’t be replaced. It is the memory of the organization, and without it, business would come to a standstill, decisions would not be made, and the doors would shut.…

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