As geese head south for the winter – so do most migration projects

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As geese head south for the winter – so do most migration projects

Migration to or in any platform, including SharePoint isn’t easy. It requires careful planning and problems faced in the current environment are not magically solved in the new environment after migration. Although not a migration software solution conceptClassifier for SharePoint along with conceptTaxonomyWorkflow assists in the migration of content. Why is this important? Because most documents don’t contain relevant metadata and when migrated they won’t in the new environment either. So the migration projects starts to head south toward failure.

Think about it, 80% of enterprise data is unstructured. That’s challenging enough. But there are also documents that should have been declared records – that weren’t. And some documents may contain privacy/confidential data that needs to be identified and secured – that weren’t.

For organizations with medium to large free text document collections, migration is no trivial matter and cannot be performed by human effort alone. Migration presents various challenges at various levels: bulk migration of well managed high value documents, bulk archival or disposition of old or extraneous documents, and finding a way to deal with the poorly classified middle ground. Dealing with the middle ground is where many large archive vendor solutions are unable to deliver an intelligent approach; this is where workflow and concept identification during migration delivers value.

Augmenting migration software, taxonomy workflows can identify records that haven’t been declared and can be routed to the record application, or some other appropriate secure location with the correct access rights, protecting and preserving documents during the migration process. This approach can also be used with privacy/confidential information that shouldn’t be exposed either before or after the migration. This provides organizations with a highly effective way to clean up the irrelevant or unnecessary documents, as well as to identify records that may not been declared or have potential privacy exposures.

Although migrating south for the winter sounds very nice, a migration project going south can be avoided with careful planning and the right tools.


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