Are you jumping on the Microsoft Add-in Bandwagon?

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Are you jumping on the Microsoft Add-in Bandwagon?

I sometimes do not agree with Microsoft decisions, but add-ins can truly add value both from a technical perspective as well as a business one. As a Microsoft marketing approach promoting the development of add-ins to boost its ecosystem of third party applications and services available in Office 365 and SharePoint Online would expect to gain new customers. Add-ins form an important component of Microsoft’s plans for Office, especially as the company faces increased competition from startups and large companies alike. Allowing users to access other tools and applications from within Office 365, SharePoint, and SharePoint Online enhances the utility of both Microsoft’s software and that of the third parties’ contributing add-ins.

We have recently made available our two key SharePoint products, conceptClassifier for SharePoint and conceptClassifier for Office 365, as add-ins. I am anxious to get some feedback from organizations evaluating the products. To me, I can’t see why an organization wouldn’t take the add-in approach. The benefits seem to weigh more on the technical side – eliminate workload on SharePoint servers, increased performance, doesn’t require SharePoint expertise, less configuration, does not require user credentials to be defined, and they are portable. Those all translate to business benefits too.

Interested in the capabilities of the add-ins? Watch ‘Why use Add-ins in SharePoint and SharePoint Online? Demo On Demand‘, or access the webinar ‘Why use Add-ins with SharePoint and SharePoint Online?’.

What do you think of add-ins? Would you consider an enterprise add-in? What do you think the downside is?

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