Another Tangent About Big Data

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Another Tangent About Big Data

I realize I keep going off in tangents about Big Data but I really can’t stop myself. From a marketing perspective I am actually confused at all this media hype. Six months ago I read a blurb by an analyst who said most ‘C’ level management weren’t even sure what is really was. Now it is pervasive. From the articles, if you don’t have it you better get it ASAP. My question is why?

Not that I am doubting the value of Big Data regardless if referring to structured or unstructured, or both. We even have clients using our technology for unstructured content analytics. But I question that this is being rapidly adopted. I would surmise that many organizations have other business objectives to be achieved first. In our survey conducted in the last quarter of 2012, it appeared that from an unstructured approach, text analytics was not a high business priority.

In a recent blog by Ventana Research, entitled ‘Big Data is Broken Without Integration’ they reference their benchmark report on Big Data (available for purchase). Out of the highlights covered the two that struck me most was the ‘Barriers to Use Innovative Technology’ and ‘Barriers to Information Management’.


I need a sanity check. Is this a high priority in your organization? If so, why and where are you in the process?

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