What We Do

… and Why We are Successful

Over the past fourteen years, Concept Searching has become the industry leader in the development of platforms that address all aspects of capturing, leveraging, and managing conceptual metadata to improve business applications. The Smart Content Framework™,  developed by Concept Searching, has been in the forefront of incorporating unstructured and semi-structured content into an information governance strategic and tactical plan.

Supporting the Smart Content Framework™ are core technology components available in all platforms and include:

The Smart Content Framework™, outlines the recommended building blocks for organizations to effectively support an Information Governance Model and harness the power of their information capital. The framework and the award winning technologies provide the ability to transparently identify and tag content with semantic metadata and then classify it to organizational taxonomies aligned to business goals.

The use of compound term processing, still unique in the industry, enables organizations to deploy intelligent metadata enabled solutions that are being used to improve a multitude of enterprise as well as business process challenges. The use of the technologies are easily transformed into quantifiable business improvements that are being used to:

  • Assist in compliance and governance through elimination of end user tagging
  • Identify data privacy and confidential breaches and exposures before they happen
  • Improve eDiscovery, litigation support and FOIA through the identification of relevant content, regardless of the style of search or the search term used
  • Build an Enterprise Metadata Repository that is the fundamental component in the information governance strategy and enables the reuse of semantic metadata across the enterprise
  • Provide intelligent migration to align business content, remove duplicates, identify content for deletion or archive, after the migration provides a comprehensive content management system that provides a holistic view of information regardless of where it resides
  • Facilitate records management, providing the automatic declaration of documents of records, eliminates end user tagging, and can be performed in-place or automatically routed to the records management repository
  • Enable semantic search integrated with any search engine
  • Social networking and collaboration processes that are incorporated into the information governance plan, provides automatic social tagging and improves collaboration through improved search responses or pushing relevant information, in the right context, to the right people
  • Cleanse the content, eliminate content noise, and reduce the data set for text analytics

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