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Consumer Product Safety Commission

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For general support queries, email or call: US +1 703 879 8435 or EU +44 (0) 1438 213 545

Support information

Telephone Support

Concept Searching provides telephone support for all our customers and support can be reached at either 703-879-8435 for customers in North America or +44 (0) 1438 213545 for customers in Europe during the hours of 4am and 6pm EST at any time.

Web Portal Ticketing and Tracking System

Concept Searching offers a support ticketing system where clients can raise their own support tickets 24 hours a day and track their progress thru the portal. This system provides an easy to use incident reporting and tracking solution that connects our clients directly with our support team. We recommend clients with Level 1 (severe) support issues contact Concept Searching support both by raising the appropriate ticket and telephoning the support line

Incident Response Based on Severity Level

Concept Searching will use reasonable efforts to correct errors and provide resolution based upon the defined severity Levels. Concept Searching assigns a severity level to the issues and responds accordingly. Please refer to your SLA for the response severity level definitions.

Escalation Procedure

Concept Searching automatically escalates issues within the support team when a lack of progress is being made based upon severity level. In the case of an escalation the customer support representative will escalate the issue to issue category 2 and hand off the issue to the technical support team. Should the issue still not be resolved the issue will be escalated internally to issue category 3 and passed to the Software engineering team for resolution.